Panasonic with Freesat: connection to recorder

  rogerkay 11:48 13 Mar 2009

I have a Panasonic TX37LZD81 with inbuilt Freesat. I also have a Lite-on 5045 recorder with HDD.
How do I set up the connections to record Freesat or other satellite channels

  johnnyrocker 20:22 13 Mar 2009

do you mean freesat or freeview?


  Grey Goo 22:13 13 Mar 2009

Have you got HDMI connectability on both components, if so use an HDMI cable. Should have some instructions in the manuals.

  Grey Goo 22:33 13 Mar 2009

You will require a standard digital connection as well as the High Definition I think. Have not gone down that road yet but your TV can be switched between the two,your recorder will only record in standard.

  Grey Goo 22:41 13 Mar 2009

Can't really follow it but found this article
click here

  laurie53 08:41 14 Mar 2009

Do you not have SCART connections?

I have two Panasonics both with Freeview and bothe with a couple of SCARTS.

You don't really need HDMI unless you want Hi Def which you don't mention.

  Andsome 09:06 14 Mar 2009

Why not read the instruction manual? I have a TX32LZD81, just a smaller screen than yours. I have downloaded all Freesat channels via a dish, and all Free view channels via an aerial. I have also plugged in a Virgin digital box. It's easy with careful reading of the manual

  Andsome 00:20 15 Mar 2009

I forgot to mention, I also have a DVD player with hard drive. All wired in as the manual instructs.

  rogerkay 23:50 16 Mar 2009

Thank you Andsome. Despite all my reading of the manual - and rewiring all the scart leads etc in accordance with the same manual - I still cannot record from Freesat! My installation appears to be identical to yours - with Virgin etc.
What part of th manual do I not understand.
I await your response!

  Andsome 07:52 21 Mar 2009

I don't honestly know. How old are the scart leads? Have you also used the HDMI lead? I did not use a scart lead where I was given the choice of Scart and HDMI, but this is as per the instructions in the manual of my Panasonic DVD recorder, I note that yours is different. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

  eedcam 09:53 21 Mar 2009

Differrent panny but would think the setup is the same ie connection by scart and you have to use Q link and set the av 1/2output to Monitor of course you will only be able to watch what you are recording.Rewiring scarts ? all you need is a fully wired scart

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