Panasonic dvd rw - AND Sony CDRW/DvD Probs

  Wulfrune 20:57 07 Jan 2004

Hi all

Ok, I've got the above drives. I recently tried to add the Sony after my last CDRW went belly up. Now before the existed happily together... that was then, now when I try to plug these pair together they just simply refuse to work. Either the computer recognises one drive (usually the master) but not the other. I tried all kinds of permutations to get these 2 to work together like swaping the master/slave setup around and nothing. They both run off the same IDE slot as did the previous setup.

Now all I'm asking for is for help with this problem... if you don't want to help me that's fine, just PLEASE spare the bull s**t replies telling me 1) how stupid I am for not knowing and 2) how clever you are because I'm nor interested in that.

For those genuine people out there who take pride in helping newbies like my self, the uneducated of the net salute you :)

Thanks all


  Wulfrune 19:12 19 Jan 2004


  jessie .x..x.x 19:19 19 Jan 2004

how about putting them on different IDE cables


IDE 1 ( master ) harddrive ( slave ) pioneer

IDE 2 ( master ) cd rom ( slave ) sony

Worth a try ???????


how about setting the drives to " CS " and see if that works.

jes xxx

  Wulfrune 19:21 19 Jan 2004

What's that then?


  Chegs ® 19:26 19 Jan 2004

You want the DVD drive on the end connector of IDE cable and the CD-RW on the middle,and the jumpers on the back of the drives so that DVD is Master and CD-RW is slave.The hdd(s) on the other IDE cable.I think this is how mine are setup,as if I alter either drives position on IDE or alter their jumpers the DVD-RW causes my pc to freeze or it vanishes from windows.

  Chegs ® 19:27 19 Jan 2004

CS= Cable Select.

Dunno what it actually means by cable select though.

  Wulfrune 19:31 19 Jan 2004

Tried that I'm afraid. Got 2 80gb on ide 1 and both drives on ide 2... I guess I could try some permutations. can I do 1 hd and 1 drive on the same ide?

  Wilham 19:40 19 Jan 2004

I have panasonic LF-D521, and Ricoh MP5125A drives: each on separate IDE's as is suggested above by jessie. Masters are two 80GB HD's. At time of installation I was advised to separate the DVD's because otherwise the odd blip would cause trouble.
All goes well, except as an aside I see the latest DVD writers are X8,... and have you noticed that many cheap bulk pk DVD blanks are now for X4 min speed?
To do with the dyes, I think.

  jessie .x..x.x 19:42 19 Jan 2004

here goes ( in simple form ) -

You will have 2 leads called IDE leads comming of your motherboard ( main circuit board in tower )

These grey flat leads are called - IDE 1 lead and IDE 2 lead.

When plugged in to the circuit board these leads have 2 connection slots visible, half way up the lead is called the ` slave` connection point and at the very end of the lead is called the ` master` connection point.

So, if you for example plug in your sony half way up the lead you need to address ( name ) your sony as a slave unit, you do this by moving a little tiny piece of black plactic on the rear of the sony unit to a different place on the rear ( usually only a few millimetres away)

If you set the tiny plastic ( jumper ) to the setting `CS` and not ` MASTER ` or ` SLAVE ` then the computer ` bios` decides what to call it. Remember that you have to set the the unit that is connected to the halfway point of the lead and the unit connected on the very end of the lead to `CS` for the computer to recognise them.

jes xxx

  jessie .x..x.x 19:49 19 Jan 2004

Its very hard to describe what to to over the forum but dont worry ask questions, here to help if i can.


put 80 gig hardrive ( maxor ) on IDE 1 connect to end of lead and set jumper to `master`

put sony on IDE 1 connect to midway on lead ond set jumper to ` slave`

put 80 gig harddrive ( seagate) on IDE 2 connect to end of lead and set jumper to ` master`

put pioneer on IDE2 connect to midway on lead ond set jumper to ` slave`

these setting should work a treat

jes xxx

  jessie .x..x.x 19:49 19 Jan 2004

maxor and seagate are used as examples of the 2 harddrives you have !!!

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