Panasonic 370 Notebook1985-87 ?

  Ex plorer 17:38 24 Feb 2007

I have a very old Panasonic 370 Notebook1985-87 it’s a 386 with a 20MHz processor I cant find any thing on the net to help me.

The floppy is not responding and screen is dead also the main battery is dead at the moment.

I have changed BIOS battery.

Dose a notebook need to run through the battery or should it work direct from the mains with its PSU.

Is it ok to connect my monitor to test the graphics it fits the notebook ok.

I want to remove the HD which is I think is ok to get at the floppy but the connections are thin plastic connectors pushed into the IDE on the board how do you remove them?

  crosstrainer 17:42 24 Feb 2007

You should be able to safely connect a monitor to this antique in order to test it, and yes, laptops should run off the mains with the battery removed.... but what are you going to run on it? None of todays operating systems will work on such an old machine... if you have a copy of DOS and Windows 3.1 you might get it going but finding any software for it or support will be next to nigh on impossible.

  Ex plorer 18:00 24 Feb 2007

I have the software, from DOS 3.1 / 6.22 plus DOS programs, I collect old PCs software etc.
This is my first atepmpt on a notebook/Laptop its an intrest/hobby.

  Ex plorer 18:19 24 Feb 2007

Calling it a day now but there is no graphics anyone who would like to chip in with ideas please do so

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:32 24 Feb 2007

the connections are thin plastic connectors pushed into the IDE on the board how do you remove them?

They just push in and pull out BUT BE VERY CAREFUL if you rip the ribbon there is no way to repair.

If you have renewed the CMOS battery you will need to reset the HDD settings in CMOS as it is unlikely that it will "autodetect". Read the settings off the HDD label C.H.S. cylinders heads sectors.

  Ex plorer 22:40 24 Feb 2007

cheers Fruit Bat /\0/\ i have the C.H.S. and removed the hard drive I can now remove the flopy and MOBO.

  Ex plorer 14:58 25 Feb 2007

Hi a bit further on I now have a blue screen
I reckon it could have been that color.
Power, HDD, CapsLK, NumLK, ScrLK, Key pad, Charge lights come on.

No light on FD and it doesn’t read.
Ram is unusual it has 35 pins all 4 slots full.
Any one have a Conner 450MB 2 1/2 drive working condition.
This may be one for the shelf for now.
I can get a battery but £70 LOL.

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