Palm Tungsten T3 and wireless

  herc182 10:13 21 Mar 2007

Dear all,

I have the aforementioned and want to use it to connect to the internet (when i am out and about).

If i bought click here

would that allow me to access the internet, or would it only allow me to access a wireless router (which i have at home?)?

Is there anything i can get that would allow me to connect to the internet on the move for my PDA?

thanks in advance

  silverous 11:37 21 Mar 2007

Assuming that link is to a compatible card which provides WiFi it will allow access anywhere where there is a WiFi hotspot in range - e.g. a Starbucks, airport etc.

If you want wireless walking down the street it won't give you that - you'd need some kind of 3g card but I'm not aware of one for palms.

New devices seem to come with 3g capability.

  herc182 12:03 21 Mar 2007

o i see....thanks. I have a 3g card for my laptop which doesnt bloody work (a vodafone card...). irritating!!

  silverous 12:05 21 Mar 2007

What doesn't work about your laptop 3g card?

  herc182 12:25 21 Mar 2007

Yeah. I got a Vodafone 3G mobile connect card free with my Acer laptop a while back. The card works (in that there is an LED blinking different colours) but it wont let me connect as in "mobile mode". Ie if i wanted to use it away from a hotspot.

When i install the software, and insert the card, window tells me there is a problem installing the hardware and it might not work properly...and it doesnt!!

  silverous 13:54 21 Mar 2007

Oh right, doesn't sound good. I'm just in the process of changing my 3g card for one of their USB Mobile Broadband (HSDPA I believe it is called) devices which is suppose to give 10x 3G speed I believe.

  herc182 14:06 21 Mar 2007

blimey...are you playing games over that connection :-)

will do the trouble shooting tonight to see if i can fix it, if not, i might try and return it...

  silverous 15:21 21 Mar 2007

If it is the hardware I've got a spare 3G card goign spare once this new one arrives, not much use to me. Does the sim card in it work / is it enabled? You have to pay a monthly tarriff presumably?

  herc182 09:53 22 Mar 2007

Thats very kind of you! I think the hardware works. I looked on the Vodafone website and the led is blinking blue which means its connected to 3G. The website helped thinks there is a device conflict. ??

maybe i will start a new thread on it..

  herc182 09:54 22 Mar 2007

whenever windows tries to install the card tho, it always says there is an .ini file missing or something and that the hardward might not work properly...
The dashboard software also wont let me create a new profile.

so irritatiing!

  silverous 15:02 22 Mar 2007

Try downloading the latest software from vodafone site. I know I had probs with some software and got latest version and it sorted.

So you are paying a monthly contract with Vodafone presumably i.e. it isn't a connection/sim issue?

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