palm top to receive texts from mobile phone

  end 13:47 01 Apr 2004

If this is the wrong forum for this question ,can someone provide the link to the correct one?
I have a mobile phone , on pay-as-you -go ,; I want to be able to save far more texts than the phone will allow; therefore, an idea is to get a palm- top and , if possible send the texts to IT; presumably the palm top will have a far greater capacity for storing messages than my mobile(???). having said that, I do not wish to spend unnecessary sums of money on an expensive palm-top, but want something that will do the job for me. OR, do SIM cards come in different size capacities; I am using vodaphone tarif at present; if this IS an inappropriate question for this forum, then my apologies; but any guidance, etc greatfully received.
???does a palm top have its own unique phone number that I can send the messages to , or...
thanks in hope of help with this,.needless to say, at present I do not have a palm top but am investigating this possibility as a way of solving the problem. thanks

  end 23:24 02 Apr 2004

anyone got any ideas on this one please????CAN I get a SIM card with a larger memory, or are they all a " standard memory " size.....

  Demora 00:31 03 Apr 2004

Depending on the model of Palm and Phone. Via infr-red or Bluetoot. Very easy and no dialup needed.


  end 00:45 03 Apr 2004

Mobile is "Nokia"; am on " pay as u go" tarif with vodaphone,; do not have palm top yet as unsure what to do about this or how to go about it asuming it is possible....explain " via infra-red or Bluetoot"....and why MIGHT I ned to do dial up; all i want is for the palm top to be able toreceive th etext messages and hold them , and perhaps for IT to be able to send text messages itself..or is that " asking too much" OF th palm top...??? ho much IS that type of palm top likely to cost and from where migh one got one????

  end 10:21 03 Apr 2004

and I presume that palm tops cannot be used as mobile phones, but as items for storing information??? DO SIM cards come IN " standard" sizes, OR, is their actual capacity governed by the number of phone numbers, etc that are stored on its memory....err...can someone point me in the direction of a forum ( is there one???) that deals WITH mobile phone queries???? I have not found one yet....

  Demora 21:40 03 Apr 2004

EG. I have a Nokia 6610 Pay as you go on o2 I can send from the nokia to my PDA Tungsten T3 the address book pictures etc. VIA Ird BUT Never tried SMS. I also have a contract Sony Ericsson T610. I have sent Photos and info via Bluetooth to Palm. You can send and recieve email using the mobile as the modem and palm as the desktop. Also accessing the WAP sites. Don't know what the costs are but with o2 I have 50 free wap minutes a month


  Demora 21:45 03 Apr 2004

Try hereclick here for PDA's Palm are very good and a basic is the Tungsten E. Very good but battrey life lets it down BUT for smaller jobs and the odd video its fine.

T3 seems to bee a lot of the PDA mags editors choice in the palm market.

I'm only just starting out with this technology (about 5 weeks) BUT I have had great fun learning


  end 14:29 04 Apr 2004

all I want IS somethign VERY BASIC,, but how do I send the texts from the mobile to the palm top???? ( my " knowledge OF palm tops "is that they exist but NOT the how of how they " work"). I have tried the idea of erasing the games in my mobile"s memory, but there is no way. CAN palm tops work the same AS mobiles in sending texts; sory about my " ignorance" ON this matter ; am just tryign to work out a sensible way forward, allowing me to store my texts ; and yes I DO need them saved.

  Demora 16:23 05 Apr 2004

The cheapest way would be to buy a data USB cable and cd suite click here and a probable place for a forum is click here

Seting the pda and phone up I've been told is easy but my pda wont sendsms msgs via the T610 and the T610 see the pda.

The suite of programs is much cheaper £25 ish


  end 23:21 12 Apr 2004

OK; another way of looking at the problem; ???is there any way I can send the texts from my mobile to an e mail address???? palm tops send and receive texts......( sorry but my knowledge oF this topic is somewhat limited,hense my weird questions....).....

  end 20:52 18 Apr 2004

may rethink this and post back if no solutions ...thanks folks....

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