Palm M105 problems

  MartynHoll 16:34 17 May 2004

I have just been given a Palm m105. When I switch it on it displays a message 'Use stylus to tap centre of target'. When I tap the screen, I just get a cross symbol and a pen symbol in the bottom right jand corner. I have tried to reset the palm, but I get the same message after the reset!

  Kate B 17:28 17 May 2004

You have to tap the middle of all of the cross symbols - it calibrates the touch screen and it's a part of the initial set-up. It only takes a minute!

  MartynHoll 09:44 18 May 2004

I started with the cross in the top left hand corner and then it displayed a cross in the right hand bottom corner, it then alternated between to 2 each time i touched the centre of the cross. I must have done this 100 times and it still is just alternating - is this right?

  Kate B 12:34 18 May 2004

You should tap the cross about three times, then the setup is complete - if it's stuck in some kind of loop you could try a hard reset, but an M105 is pretty old ... it might be toast. The new Zires are inexpensive and getting good reviews.

  MartynHoll 12:54 18 May 2004

Thanks for your reply. I have had an e-mail back from Tech Support and they are saying that it is poorly!

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