Palit GTX 770 4gb Overheating?

  Celbo 00:39 04 Jun 2014

Hi people i dont often use forums so this might have a few mistakes. So about a month and a half ago i got the Palit GTX 770 Jetstream 4GB graphics card of amazon for my PC. This was the first time i've upgraded card on my pre-built Zoostorm computer i bought a few years back, the previous card in it was a GTS450, which was alot less powerful so when i got the new card i also had to upgrade my PSU from a 500W.

So for the last month or so this the new GTX770 has worked completely fine, i'd used it to play a number of games like battlefield 3 and smite (none of which were too graphically intensive) and it was working normally on max settings with only a small amount of heat on max settings. After a while i bought battlefield 4 which is obliviously harder to run, but it worked fine and i never really went past medium settings, by this stage there was no signs of overheating.

However the problem i have now is that in the last week or two the card has been severely overheating, even to the point of crashing the computer just on starting up windows, originally i thought this could be a virus so i rebooted my OS to clear it. This did help because i can at least turn it on now and its fine for watching videos and playing games that arnt too intensive, however ive tryed loading up a game like watchdogs and battlefield even on normal settings and the card just cooks, going up to 75-85 oC (by this point i have the fans on 70-80% speed). Recommended max temp for these cards is 75-77 oC and surely that maximum should only be if it was being pushed to the limit?

Its crashed the computer and my games a few times now and i just wonder if the original overheating of the card with the possible virus could have damaged the card, causing it to heat up more? what should i do about this? another possibility is that i am lacking a cooling system that's good enough to deal with a big card like this, maybe changing this system will help, any advice?

Here's my current specs:

Windows 7 Home Premium Edition (64-Bit) Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2320 CPU @ 3.00GHz 8 GB DDR3 SDRAM G7 780W ATX PC Power Supply Palit Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 Jetstream 4GB Spire CPU Fan COOLER MASTER A12025 120mm Case Fan

Thanks for reading anyway, ill greatly appreciate any help you can give

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:13 04 Jun 2014

I would suspect that inadequate air flow, through a case designed for use with components that generate less heat than a powerful new graphics card, may well be the problem.

  Celbo 11:58 04 Jun 2014

Thanks for the responses guys

To answer your questions Mechkb, i have got the latest drivers from Nvidia. The make of the PSU is G7, this was one i just bought in maplin after receiving the card and seeing the power requirements. To measure the temp im using palit's software Thundermaster.

About the airflow, that should be fine i have one side off the case and have set it out into the open. i did also try with the side on to see, but that seems to end up the same, all the fans are turning except need to be boosted quite high via Thundermaster to cool the card down any amount.

Mr Mistoff this could be a problem aswell but i'm not sure it would cause that much of a change in heat, it worked fine for the first mouth or so even when i did push it.

I should also say that i've tryed the card in another computer and once running a graphically intensive program it had the same symptom and overheated to a crash. This second computer had a much lower value PSU so it could be overheating here for a different reason.

Let me know what you think, at the moment i think i might RMA it.

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