TheFugitive276 17:33 19 Jun 2005

I view DVD's & video files using TV-out socket routed through a SVHS VCR which can play but not record NTSC format.

I have DVD Region Free software installed.

I am about to purchase a Region 1 DVD from the USA.

Will this DVD be viewable on my PC only?

Thanks for any help.


  €dstowe 17:53 19 Jun 2005

Depends on your DVD player whether it will play region 1 DVDs. Check in the manual and with the manufacturer. It is possible to tweak some players to enable multi-region playing.

Be careful not to confuse NTSC with region 1. They are not directly connected but it just happens that many NTSC (USA) disks are region 1.

  TheFugitive276 18:05 19 Jun 2005

Thanks for the prompt response.

  madPentium 19:10 19 Jun 2005

theres a bit more to it than that.

pal is 25 fps and ntsc can either be 23.97 or
29.97 frames per second.

Most dvd players will play ntsc or pal, and they still send the signal through to your television.
So, your television needs to be able to adjust frame rates to watch them. Most newer televisions are ok, but older ones will have problems.

dvd players dont convert ntsc to pal and then send them to the tv, they simply play the original as is.

  TheFugitive276 19:21 19 Jun 2005


I understand that the output from a DVD player (or in my case from the TV-out socket of my PC) will remain NTSC format.

Looks as though I will have to invest in a NTSC/PAL converter (£49.99 at Maplins).

Many thanks for all your kind advice.

  SEASHANTY 19:41 19 Jun 2005

Just purchase a multiregion DVD Player such as the Panasonic S27 EBS (make sure its multi-region chipped). This will play both Region 1 and Region 2 DVD's no problem on any UK TV. It will also play DVD-RAM discs which many players will not. I use this player all the time for USA purchased box sets and UK purchased DVD's. It selects the region automatically according to the disc inserted. No need to bother about PAL or NTFS. DVD's are all recorded in MPEG2.
click here

  TheFugitive276 19:52 19 Jun 2005

Brilliant advice, and for £55.00 what a bargain!

  SEASHANTY 19:53 19 Jun 2005 have a multiregion player for £45 with free delivery click here I obtain my region 1 boxed sets from Dunno what this "Limit" dvd player is like but I can certainly vouch for the Panasonic S27. I have three of these players but only one is multiregion chipped.

  De Marcus 19:57 19 Jun 2005

Asda sell a pacific one for £20 with which the region coding is easily removed via a series of key presses on the remote

  TheFugitive276 20:01 19 Jun 2005

Thanks again, you good people are really on the ball!

  User-312386 20:55 19 Jun 2005

You can record NTSC on a dvd disc

I have done it many a time. Just burn the .iso to disc and your dvd player will play it.

As long as the DVD is region free then you have no problems. NTSC and regions are completely different things

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