PAL to NSTC - Home Video

  Tugum 21:10 20 Oct 2007

I have just completed editing & burning a DVD using Pinnacle Studio 10+ which is a suprise 60th birthday present for a friend. His wife has asked for copies for all of their children, which is no problem except for one of their daughters who lives in the USA. I've tried Google, but as its only one copy thats required I'm trying to avoid having to fork out to buy one of the many products advertised.
I've looked on the Pinnacle site but there is no help there.
I'd appreciate any ideas that folks may have. If it helps, I still have the project on my HD.

could this be of any help
click here

  eedcam 22:39 20 Oct 2007

You should be able to select ntsc when you burn it should be an option it is in most editors.It also should be region free again the norm dont know about Pinnacle

  User-312386 00:35 21 Oct 2007

Nero Vision re-codes from PAL to NTSC

  Tugum 17:07 21 Oct 2007

VMT for the advice which I'll be following up later today.

  Tugum 18:24 28 Oct 2007

Progress delayed as I forgot that we had agreed to have 3 of our grandchildren during their school half term.
However, I did find a thread in the Pinnacle Forum (must have misstyped on my initial enquiry) & have followed through the advice given.
I wont know the result until the DVD is played in the USA in mid November, at which time I'll update this thread as future reference for others.

  Tugum 13:12 11 Jan 2008

Sorry to say that the DVDs didn't work.

  eedcam 13:34 11 Jan 2008

Thats ashame but can you confirm it did'nt work just because of the Pal/Ntsc. Always possible there was some other factor ie disc format -/+

  JanetO 14:43 11 Jan 2008

Or possibly a region conflict?

  Tugum 21:06 16 Jan 2008

Apologies for delay in responding.

The DVD-R played on their PC & they have confirmed that this is the disk type that they use themselves when doing their home movies.

The path that I followed was to open my PAL version, selected NTSC format & saved under a new title. I have a region free DVD player which the DVD played on, although this is no proof that it was in NSTC format.

Not sure about the possibility of a Region conflict as I thought that NTSC was the same as Region 1 (USA).

I've left the thread open as I retained a copy of the DVD with the intention, when time allows, to have further attempts & then update accordingly.

A belated Happy New Year

  eedcam 22:59 16 Jan 2008

Ntsc is nowt to do with the region setting. that is a different thing altogether.Whether pinnacle makes the disc region free is possibly the cause .May I suggest you download this freebie G-spot
click here

this will tell you what your dvd is Pal/or ntsc
Screenshot here .It wont tell you what region though[IMG]click here[/IMG]
once you have estabilished it is ntsc we can then go for a way to ensure it is region free

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