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  pcdimwit 09:50 30 Mar 2011

Hi, I have a programme called paint.net (was advised to use this for making arrows and lines on photoes) I want to make faces on some pics kinda out of focus, I have been using the "paintbrush" with Paint.net to black out the face but this is a bit distracting and I would like to use something that makes the face very out of focus so it looks more "natural" when one first looks at the photo (instead of great black painted out head) so my question is: does anyone know how to do this with paint.net programme or can you recommend an easy simple to follow instruction how to do this?? I have seen it done where one "draws" around the face with a small "pencil" and then click in the middle of the drawn around face and this will make all the area inside the pencil go un-sharp and out of focus. Thanks, PCDIMWIT

  VoG II 09:54 30 Mar 2011

Select an area then Effects > Blur and experiment with the available settings.

  pcdimwit 12:45 30 Mar 2011

Do I still "add new layer" and then look at the tools that come with "effects"? will it be like a paintbrush to apply the "effect" around a given area? thanks PCDIMWIT

  VoG II 12:47 30 Mar 2011

You can use one of the Select tools to select an area of the picture, then Effects > Blur to apply to that area.

  pcdimwit 00:31 31 Mar 2011

Jut travelling and will have a go at that if I have time tomorrow, so If I have this right, its just using the "pencil" from standard tools to draw around the face outline, jawline etc., and then use the "effects" and choose one such as "blur" and then if I click on the part INSIDE the drawing around the face this will "blur" it and make the face out of focus?? thanks PCDMWIT

  BT 08:34 31 Mar 2011

No you can't do it with the pencil tool. You need to use one of the SELECTION tools such as the rectangular or eliptical tool but the best one is the Lasso tool. Use it to enclose the area you want to blur then use one of the Blur options in the Effects menu.

  pcdimwit 13:26 31 Mar 2011

Right, thanks for that, will have to play around with this, the type of picture I am trying to create is one where the person is wearing a hat, and a scarf, I want the hat to be in sharp focus with the scarf/clothing but the face blurred out so the person is not recognizable, I find it hard to get the "lasso" around just the profile of the face/under a peak of a hat without affecting the shape of the hat, i.e. not including ANY part of the hat which must remain in sharp focus, but the face/head gives a "representative" impression of how a particular hat will look on a person. I have used the "paintbrush" which works fine but doesnt give any "representation" of a person wearing a hat as the head is ENTIRELY blacked out. Do you see what I mean?? thanks PCDIMWIT

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