Paint Your CPU Fan Blades With UV reactive paint ?

  Tinkey Winkey 09:45 20 Jul 2004

I love the pc mods that you see on sites like click here (Readers Drives) with Case windows,UV lights etc and so I'm starting to dabble myself.

I was particuarly impressed with someone from Australia who had used UV reactive paint on bits of his mobo ( tops of capacitors etc ) & various components !

Is this really a good idea on sensitive electronic equipment !?

I was wondering how safe it would be to paint the top of the fan blades on my Zalman Flower Cooler CPU HSF as they don't do a quiet LED version ?

I'm thinking maybee the paint will flake off with the combination of heat and rotational speed ?

What do you think - maybee you've done it already ?

Perhaps I'll use my old pc as a guinea pig first;)

PS- anyone know where I can get UV reacive paint from!!

  LastChip 10:47 20 Jul 2004

Anything that is likely to cause an imbalance of the fan, is not a good idea.

At best it will cause premature wear, at worst, vibration.

Unless you can guarantee an absolute even coating of paint, I should leave well alone.

All electrical components emit heat. As most work on some form of resistance, heat is generated albeit in sometimes minute forms. However, when these components are designed, the designer takes into account heat dissipation, and your proposed little drops of paint are not helping in that respect. As processors become more and more powerful, there is already a heat issue within some poorly designed cases, and most folk are doing their best to reduce the amount of heat within a case, so whilst you may "get away with it", its not something I would recommend.

  Sans le Sou 14:17 20 Jul 2004

Lots more UV in Auatralia.

  Sans le Sou 14:18 20 Jul 2004

And Australia as well

  €dstowe 14:29 20 Jul 2004

You should be able to get UV fluorescent paints from any good graphic arts shop. Poster paints come in a range of fluorescent colours.

I would suggest, like LastChip that you are very careful doing this so that you don't upset the balance of the fan blades.

In addition, if you're painting static components and using a water based paint (e.g. poster paint), ensure that it is thoroughly dry before switching on.


  jack 15:04 20 Jul 2004

Yes Yes
I see all these GIzmos at computer fairs
and I arsk meself wots it got to so with putering?
It has ll to do with putting beer tokens in traders pockets.

But then I am a sad old pensioner

  spuds 16:03 20 Jul 2004

Not from Screwfix Trade forum!. If so welcome to PCA Forums, as it is the first time that I have seen the username mentioned here.

  bakes43 17:08 20 Jul 2004

why dont you just buy some uv fans from here
click here

  Some-Guy 18:09 20 Jul 2004

hmm...what is the point in this Uv paint? What does it actually do?

  accord 18:30 20 Jul 2004

looks pretty

  accord 18:31 20 Jul 2004

Have you seen the latest project in custompc mag where they sprayed the case a gorgeous red. fantastic if you ask me.

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