Paint Shop Pro X Serial Number

  DANZIG 11:29 20 Dec 2006


My Dad popped in yesterday while I was at work and dropped off the program thats in the title of this thread for me.

Woo Hoo, I think..

After trying to install it this morning it asks for a serial number, and try as I might I cannot find any serial number on the disk or the brief instruction manual.

I am 100% sure it is a totally legal version/copy of this software as my Dad is VERY up on this.

Can anyone help with this as it won't install without a serial number?

  Belatucadrus 11:39 20 Dec 2006

Check the CD case, or if it's got one the box. Usually found on a label.
Other than that ask Corel Customer Support: 0800 376 9271.

  DANZIG 11:42 20 Dec 2006

He gave it to me in one of those little CD paper wallet things and there is nothing written on that.

I might give that number a try though.

  vinnyT 11:46 20 Dec 2006

Could be printed somewhere on the box it came in, if it's been binned, I think you will have to contact corel.

  DANZIG 12:06 20 Dec 2006

Have contacted Corel. They've said I need to get in touch with my Dad and get the serial number off him, which could be tricky as he is currently somewhere in England (God knows where) and all his stuff is in Spain where he lives.

  ventanas 12:10 20 Dec 2006

Its on the original cd sleeve. If that's been changed then its gone I'm afraid.

Do you know anyone else who may have it.

  Pamy 15:36 20 Dec 2006

Is the disk plain or does it have the program details etc?

  mymate 15:39 20 Dec 2006

Mine was a download.

  Pamy 15:49 20 Dec 2006

mymate, so was this a free download or a paid for one? If it was free then could not DANZIG re download it? Why I asked if the disk was plain is because it is probably a copy.

  mymate 15:58 20 Dec 2006

I had a trial version,then paid for it. I ahve a serial number,but i dont think its right to give to someone else, We all cant have the same number for PSP ?

DANZIG,download the trial version,then when your dasd turns up,he can get you the serial number .

  mymate 16:00 20 Dec 2006

Sorry about the spelling,my hands are so cold !

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