Paint Shop Pro X

  pinkerton 10:05 13 Sep 2008

Paint shop pro x activation

I have used PSP for many years, the latest version I have is PSP X, I have the CD and the key (PRW1OUX-0073582-ETE). But following a crash when I try to reinstall it I am told the key is invalid!!!
Corel are absolutely no help whatsoever, that is if you can contact them in the first place.
I have paid for this product, WHY CAN'T I USE IT!!
Can anyone help

  I am Spartacus 10:15 13 Sep 2008

Have you tried the phone number posted at the bottom of this thread?

click here

  Eric10 10:20 13 Sep 2008

The first part of PSP10 serial numbers contain a number one and a zero in them and you have written it here with a capital letter O. Have you tried it with a zero instead?

The reason for starting your own post rather than tagging on to someone else's is because the poster gets an email when someone responds and the original poster don't really want to be pestered with emails regarding someone else's problem.

  pinkerton 18:44 13 Sep 2008

Thanks to Spartacus and Eric, I have tried your suggestions but without success so far, thanks for your response.

  pinkerton 19:26 13 Sep 2008

Eric, on the third combination of O's and 0's it worked, my thanks again.

  Eric10 19:46 13 Sep 2008

I'm glad you finally got it sorted. May I suggest that you now keep a separate note of the number you've used and possibly use slashed zeros so that it's easier to differentiate between numbers and letters.
Since you are new to the forum can I ask you to tick this thread as resolved now. You should do this because posts are archived and searchable and it could help future visitors with a similar problem.

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