timothy44 19:25 18 Jan 2003
  timothy44 19:25 18 Jan 2003

I'm trying to follow a workshop which enables me to change my photos from colour to B/W and then colour in a selected portion of the photo.
The instructions are as follows :
copy and paste as new image.
go to "colours" and change to "greyscale"
I can get to this stage ok but then it says
copy and paste as new layer
click on "eraser" tool and rub out what you want to have in colour and the bottom layer should show through. this does not work as I just get white erased bits. I don't think I'm doing the copy and paste as new layer properly, can anyone understand this and help as I'd really like to master this. the last instruction is merge the two layers.

  shifty 20:25 18 Jan 2003

When it says copy and paste the image as a new layer, it means paste it over the top of your original image. This way when you rub over the greyscale image the coloured image will show through from behind. Once you've got the results you require go to layers merge all flatten, this will blend both images for printing or saving. If you don't merge the layers you'll only get the top layer when printing etc

  timothy44 20:47 18 Jan 2003

i know it means paste it over original image can you talk me through doing this after i've changed it to greyscale? thanks

  shifty 13:22 19 Jan 2003

Once you've completed the conversion of your greyscale image go to edit / copy, then re-open your original coloured image onto your desktop and go to edit / copy / paste as new layer. The grey scale image should then appear over the top of the coloured image, you can then rub over the greyscale image with the eraser tool to bring through the coloured image from behind, if you rub too much away go to edit undo and click a couple of times and then redo as necessary. Once you are happy with the results go to layers / merge / flatten, you can then print it off or save as a new image.

  timothy44 20:23 19 Jan 2003

sorry shifty still having no luck with this, have tried to follow your instructions but still am getting just white when i rub over image. Have I minimised the original image or completely shut it down and need to re-open it from browser? sorry to appear so thick!

  shifty 10:54 20 Jan 2003

Try these two options, when you bring your original colour image back onto your screen and before you paste your greyscale image as a new layer try going to layer merge flatten first, then paste as new layer. If this doesn't work starting at the beggining, open up your colour image. Edit / copy / paste as new image. Close your original colour image, then do your grey scale conversion on the new image and edit / copy this image. You should now go to file/open your original image and then edit/paste as new layer which will put your greyscale over the top. I have tried the greyscale conversion on a few of my own images just to prove it works and it does each time? You've got me baffled.

  timothy44 15:13 20 Jan 2003

Halleluyah!!! thank you shifty, I've finally managed it. It looks good. Thanks very much for taking the time to explain about 30000 times.

  shifty 20:25 21 Jan 2003

Glad you managed to do it, nice one.

  timothy44 20:30 21 Jan 2003

cheers shifty!!

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