nobbyhigo 13:24 10 Sep 2005

I have scanned one a3 image black and white in to 2 a4 i would like to merge them in one image on paint any help please
regards nobby

  woodchip 13:27 10 Sep 2005

How do you mean???? lay one on top or stich side by side

  nobbyhigo 13:29 10 Sep 2005

stitch side by side

  woodchip 13:32 10 Sep 2005

That's stiching. Go to help and type in Stitch

  woodchip 13:37 10 Sep 2005

A panorama Photo can be created by putting a camera on tripod take one picture move camera a bit so the picture will still have some of the last shot on it, you can take several but it needs to be on a Tripod so less cropping is needed after stitching to clean edges up

  jack 14:29 10 Sep 2005

3 Methods.
1. If you are simply doing this for printing as a one off,then do the merge in Page Layout.
Open both images to desktop.
Go to File/page layout. create a layout
click drag each image to the layout and shove them around until the desired result is achieved, If you need to rotate in the layout then right click on each image.
Method 2 for keeping a combined image file.
With both images up as above .Go to file new select appriate size. move to image one right click/copy move to empty page right click paste- then image 2
This is a slightly messier way and takes a bit of practice .
Method 3.
Go back and carry out one.
When the layout is to your likeing
Click Alt/PrtScr[next to F12]
Go to file/ New
Edit/Paste[As new image]
Crop off surplus desk top then save as xxx

  anchor 16:11 10 Sep 2005

woodchip: No doubt what you say about taking panorama shots with a tripod is the ideal. However, I have taken many, many dozens of panoramas without one, just taking care to keep the camera as straight and level as possible. The results have been fine, and very little cropping was involved. The overlap should be about 25% to ensure good matching. The stitching programmes I use are Photovista and Pixmaker.

If you have Java, take a look at this moving example from my web site.

click here

  nobbyhigo 16:54 10 Sep 2005


  eedcam 17:32 10 Sep 2005

Whats wrong with extending the canvas size on one of the images. paste the other image in as a new layer you can line everything up exactly.

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