Paint Shop Pro 9 Plug-ins

  RoryM 15:55 29 Apr 2005

Does anyone know what I am doing incorrectly?
I am using PSP9 & I have plug-ins with the .8bf prefix in my folders, I have plug-ins enabled in preferences with the correct folder locations in place but when I open psp 'effects' it merely says 'no plug-ins loaded'
I have read the articles, plug-in dll and msvcrt10.dll are installed but still no joy. A little help would be useful

  ventanas 16:21 29 Apr 2005

Plug ins do not work with PSP9 if you do not have the patch that quickly followed the original release. I will find the link and post back shortly.

  ventanas 16:22 29 Apr 2005
  ventanas 16:23 29 Apr 2005

Other updates click here

  RoryM 17:57 29 Apr 2005

Many thanks, Ventanas, I now have plug-ins but with another problem, when I try to use any specific one it tells me that 'plugin requires a specific host' is it possible for you to elucidate?
I am beginning to feel inadequate to the task

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