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  babybell 14:57 15 May 2005

Im using Paint shop pro 9 to alter some pictures of my girlfriend for her website but we're coming across a problem. We have a white rectangular image of her which we want to place on a purple background. However, we think it looks too harsh and so we want to blur the edges of the white box so that it blends into the purple to break up the edges. I have the white image on the purple and i am using the smear tool and nothing is happening, i have also tried using the blur effect but this is bluring her face as well. Do any PSP9 experts know how to achieve what we are after?

  docj 15:53 15 May 2005

I think that if the image and background are on different layers then the smear tool will not work. Try merging the two layers.

  babybell 16:22 15 May 2005

I tried it, but it doesn't want to work. What were really after is to have a sort of hazey effect just around the outline of the image. I tried running the page edges scripts and they look as if there going to work but when u apply the settings it doesnt come off as u imagine!

  eedcam 19:01 15 May 2005

Could you not freehand select the main part of the image using large feathering then invert and blur the outer edge?

  docj 20:28 15 May 2005

There's a frosted edge filter from Photo Tools available on the plug-in site (click here). It has a white version and a coloured version. If you apply this to the main image as a layer and then adjust the opacity to blend in it might work.

  anchor 09:03 16 May 2005

It is child play to do this with Microsoft Digital Image Pro 10. That`s what I use for this sort of thing.

I have PSP 9 too, which is excellent; but why can`t they make that sort of thing easier?.

You could sign up, (free), to the specialist Digital Camera Magazine forum, and post your query to the "wiz-kids" there.

click here

  hssutton 12:04 16 May 2005

babybell, bear with me, as I'm a PS CS2 user. increase the canvas size of your girlfriends photo, making the white border larger. Next create a selection around your girlfriend, I would use the the "Lasso" tool in PS. now invert the selection and using a lowish opacity paint the selected area purple?. In PS I would make a dedicated gradual filter. Hope I understood your question correctly.

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