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  Dirk Diggler 15:47 23 Sep 2008


Firstly apologies if this is in the wrong place but I am a newbie both on here and with PSP in general

I have a photo taken by myself at a recent charity football match (no copyright issues involved)

The player is known to me and has asked if I can take the image and make the background Black & White while keeping him in his "action" shot in the original colour (the kind of way that vintage pics that show Geoff Hurst holding the world cup in his red top but with the rest of the image turned B&W)

Now I have had a very basic play with masks & layers etc but this is way outta by depth

He has asked if I can do it fairly quickly as he is planning to use it in the charity auction that will follow next weeks game

Can anyone give me a quick run-down on what i need to do

PS I am using PSP7

Many thanks

  Kevscar1 15:58 23 Sep 2008

I do play around with PSP but someone may come a long with a better suggestion.
Go to colours on the top bar and change to greyscale. Save this under a new name.
Open original again

  Kevscar1 16:01 23 Sep 2008

whoops posted to soon
Then go to layers promote to layer. Now use the eraser brush delete all the background. It gets a bit fiddely when you get close to your subject but zoom in and chane brush size.
When you have finished copy and Paste as new layer onto the black and white photo then save as JPG whuch will merge the two

  feb 16:23 23 Sep 2008

I don't know if this will work with psp7 as it uses X2 but it's a good tutorial click here The guide in the video could be used for the effect you are after

  Dirk Diggler 16:31 23 Sep 2008

for the help so far.

I and still trying kevscar suggestion but cannot get it to do as described (guess this will take a little time lol)

FAO Feb: Not sure if PSP7 will allow me to do the tutorial but it will be the next thing to try after I have pulled my hair out :-)

  Dirk Diggler 16:36 23 Sep 2008

When you say "Go to colours on the top bar and change to greyscale. Save this under a new name.
Open original again" - Do you mean save it as a seperate PSP project or as a new layer??

  Kevscar1 17:20 23 Sep 2008

When you have changed to greyscale go to file, save as and give it a new name. Save in Paint shop pro format.
Then open your original colour photo again. do the erase copy and minimse the file. Your greyscale picture will be minimsed at the bottom so bring that back up and paste as new layer. You can then move layer about until it covers the subject exactly.

  Dirk Diggler 17:32 23 Sep 2008

I have managed to get the colour copy to open up as a new layer (thanks)

When I am using the eraser tool it is just painting over in an orangey colour

Is this ok as I still cant seem to "merge" the layers

  hssutton 17:39 23 Sep 2008

First of I use CS3, so not sure if you have the availability of an "History Brush", if you do, convert your image to greyscale then use the "History Brush to paint where you want the colour to reappear

  Rigga 17:43 23 Sep 2008

I did this with a few of our wedding shots.

If you pm me the pic i'll sort it for you in about ten mins. No problems.. and email it back.


  Pineman100 17:52 23 Sep 2008

I'm not familiar with PSP - I use Photoshop - but here's how I'd do it if I didn't want to be involved with layers (you may find that some of your commands/tools are called by different names).

1. Open the photo file and save it under a new name. This preserves a clean original in case things go wrong with your working copy.

2. Using the lasso (sometimes called polygonal lasso or marquee) tool, create a selection around the subject that you want to keep in colour. This requires patience and care, but it's the only way of creating a truly reliable mask - 'magic' or 'magnetic' tools are rarely effective.

3. Once you've clicked all the way round, and the selection is complete, play it safe by saving it (if PSP allows this).

4. Now find the function that will 'Inverse' your mask (that is, select the whole picture EXCEPT the part that you have masked).

5. Feather your selection a little bit - this makes it look more natural (at average resolution, I suggest a 1 pixel feather).

5. Find a command called Desaturate. This will turn all of the masked background into black-and-white.

That ought to do it.

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