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  tardis100 15:11 02 Jul 2007

I'm thinking of buying Paint Shop Pro but can someone please tell me if "Paint Shop Pro Photo X" is just the next version to "Paint Shop Pro 9?" I'm a bit confused by the addition of the word "Photo?" What I want to be able to do is create text on a path and on a circle - which I understand can be done in PSP. I do have Photoshop Elements but cannot do this with PE. Thanks for any help.

  Eric10 15:35 02 Jul 2007

Yes Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X was the next version after Paint Shop Pro 9 and was the first version after Jasc sold the product to Corel. The current version is Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI. I've never used the 'Fit text to path' feature but I did find it mentioned in the help files.
It is probably something that Corel have added because it was always a feature in Corel Draw.

  ventanas 15:59 02 Jul 2007

Yes, you can create text on a path in PSP, either side of the path, with many options as to how it fits.

It has been a feature of PSP for many versions back, long before Adobe included it in their programs.

  tardis100 17:09 02 Jul 2007

Thanks to Eric and Ventanas. Answered something I hadn't asked as well! - I hadn't realised that Jasc had sold out to Corel. Just another thought - I really want to work with text, in a desktop publishing situation, (more than working with photos) hence the need to put text in a circle etc. I'm used to Photoshop Elements for correcting images etc. I've got Ms Publisher but it doesn't go far enough in manipulating text, guess PSP will be OK for that?

  eedcam 18:17 02 Jul 2007

If you can get your hands on P.shop9 for less than 10 I would take it personally found V10 a pain

  tardis100 18:41 02 Jul 2007

Thanks for that eedcam - I shall try my best!

  woodchip 19:47 02 Jul 2007

You Need Corel Draw X3

  ventanas 21:11 02 Jul 2007

Yep, CorelDraw will do the job completely, but it cost me over £300. PSP is just a bit cheaper. The text on path file can be rasterised and imported into Publisher when finished.

  ventanas 21:12 02 Jul 2007

I meant to add, I've got versions 7, 8, 9, X and X1 installed (testing them on Vista). I would go for 9 instead of X if you can get it.

  keverne 21:30 02 Jul 2007

I use the much cheaper CorelDRAW Essentials 2 - click here

  tardis100 22:20 02 Jul 2007

Thanks for all these comments - CorelDraw Essentials does indeed look cheaper - as long as it will do text in a circle etc. PSP9 seems hard to come by - PSP8 is out there for the taking.

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