paint and notepad corrupt ?

  squareye 23:53 02 Dec 2003

Hi all,
If I have a picture open in the windows viewer, the use the button which opens that picture in paint, I first get the move dialogue box, if I cancel that I then get the copy dialogue, cancel that and it finally opens in paint.Same kind of thing with notepad,eg if I view source in IE I get move dialogue then copy then it opens.This is the same on other user accounts and on a new desktop.Paint and notepad open ok from shortcuts without the error. This is on XP home ed.
Anyone know whats up? Hope you can help, regards j

  Sam Witch 12:20 03 Dec 2003

Sounds like your file associations have been mixed up, open explorer, Tools, Folder options,

File types - scroll down to TXT for notepad r- click and look at the box at the bottom it should say opens with notepad, if not change it by clicking change and search for notepad to select it.

Do the same for bmp (bitmaps) and Gif - Pictures, change and select Paint for the default viewer.

If the associations are all correct you may regain useability br deleting the associations txt, bmp, gif, Windows should then pickup the correct application when you open a text file/picture or at least you will be given the option to select which application you want to use.

  squareye 22:58 03 Dec 2003

Dear Sam Witch, Thanks very much for your suggestion, it seems to have worked with paint,which was the more irritating of the problems. I had installed XN view a file browser (so I could see some dds files) and it associated itself with other files (or I did more like).It seems a strange result that this should make it wonder if I want to move or copy, beyond my deducting power anyway. I did check the txt association, it was with notepad, the advanced button opens "edit file type", then there are open, print and print-to as operations it does,I've tried adding "source" to this list, but no success. Any furthur thoughts?
cheers j

  squareye 23:08 03 Dec 2003

I just tried viewing source in IE to see what if anything had changed,it hadnt, but when the move dialogue came up, asking if and where I wanted to move notepad to, I browsed to the folder where it was anyway (Windows/System 32) and said move it there, this seems to have fixed it.Beats me....
thanks again for bothering

  squareye 11:06 04 Dec 2003

Hi all,
Picture viewer back to original fault,ie press button that closes windows fax & picture viewer to open image editing prog,it opens move/copy dialogues, then opens paint if I cancel these.
File associations ok.
In the Pic viewer help file,on the toolbar subject it doesnt show this button as being in the viewer at all, so not much help.(Nothing new there then)
Picture viewer isnt an exe prog, it uses shimgvw.dll,this has to be unregistered (using a dos command)to disable it, so you can use a different viewer.I may do this, if I'm sure I can undo it. I thought the dll may be broken so moved the one out of the windows folder and replaced it with the one in the service pack, no difference.
Any more ideas anyone?
ps I was just looking at a post where a guy is planning to re format his computer on Christmas day so he's out of the kitchen, and I thought I was bad....

  Sam Witch 23:44 04 Dec 2003

have you tried the other associations for pictures, jpeg tiff etc. and how about removing the xn viewer, how about deletion of the associations to geive the system a chance of offering up the application to open them.

I am interested because I was forced to do that when a rogue app changed all my associations.

I was up to 4 am fixing, wouldnt do it on christmas day unless I bought a new system aa a gift from santa.

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