Painstakingly slow. ???

  blackpat 08:17 15 Apr 2009

Yesterday for some reason, my computer slowed right down, I tried to get to my yahoo email and it took forever, thinking it may be just with yahoo, I tried a yuku site, and that was just the same, so thinking that I might have a virus, I did a complete scan on Norton 360 and that showed up nothing.This morning my computer is still acting the same, so I scanned with Ad Aware, only cookies showed up. It took me ages to get in here. I have quite a few icons on my menu bar and I've been told that they can slow your computer down, but before yesterday, I still had the same amount of icons on the menu bar, and it wasn't slow then. I've tried switching the computer off and leaving it awhile and then going back online, but it's still the same. Anyone have any ideas???

  ened 08:23 15 Apr 2009

Is everything you try to do taking a long time (ie open programmes etc) or just internet access?

If it is the latter it could be your isp. I have found that when these things happen 'out of the blue' they will rectify themselves in the same manner.

If you had not made any changes immediately prior to this I would suggest you wait a while to see what happens. You could call your isp but probably won't get an honest answer. Having said that it would at least alert them to the problem, if they were not already aware of it.

  kdt 08:23 15 Apr 2009

join the club...I tried system file check...nothing still slow left it on all night but today still slow, icons & toolbar now seem ok still having trouble shutdown/restart slow.

  blackpat 09:20 15 Apr 2009

Ened, it's very slow only when I'm on line, eg, slow to get to my email, then slow to open each email, slow to exit email. When I'm off line and go to say my docs, everything works normally, the only other thing is, start up seems to take longer. My partner has the same computer as I,in the same room, also the same ISP (Orange) but a different phone line, and hers is working normally.

kdt, when you say you tried a system file check, do you mean a virus scan? if not, how do you do a system file check?

Thanks both for your help.

  birdface 10:12 15 Apr 2009

While it is running so slow go into Task manager and see if anything is hogging your CPU.

  blackpat 10:27 15 Apr 2009

I did that, when I'm at idle the cpu usage says 1 or 2%, when I try to go somewhere it jumps up to 100%

  ened 10:43 15 Apr 2009

To do a System File Check:


Click Start - Computer

Right-click the hard disk drive with your os and then click Properties.

Click the Tools tab, and then, under Error-checking, click Check Now. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

To automatically repair problems.

Select Automatically fix file system errors.

  birdface 10:55 15 Apr 2009

In CPU system idle process is should show about 97% which is normal so yours seems to be ok.
Could you be short of memory.
have you downloaded anything lately that would use up a lot of the memory.
Maybe download SIW that will tell you everything about your computer and how much memory you have got and how much is in use.
Maybe try device manager and see if any yellow exclamation mark beside any of your drivers.
maybe try a speed test to make sure you are getting the proper download speed.
Maybe run C Cleaner to clear out any junk that you have on your computer.
Try msconfig and see if there are any programs in your start up that should not be there.

  blackpat 17:42 15 Apr 2009

I did a system check as you suggested, and everything seems back to normal now, there were a lot of errors.

Buteman. the next thing I was about to try was the c cleaner, but being that things are back to normal, i will give that a miss. many thanks both for all your help.

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