Painfully slow modem connection on Dell :( - Ideas

  GibsonSt19 16:46 19 Jan 2004

Hi there, I'm sitting at a Packard Bell, sorry not Dell as in he title, but whenever I try to connect via the Aztech CNR v.92 modem it either:

a. Doesn't connect at all
b. Connects very slowly (i.e.16.0kbps, occasionally @ 21).

I've spoken to BT about this and they advise that they cannot increase the gain, as it will affect the PC downstairs which connects via a broadband connection.

I understand the logistics of having the two connections, and that to use one, the other needs to be disconnected.

Any ideas why I'm getting such poor speeds?

  GibsonSt19 16:49 19 Jan 2004

I'm on a no-ties account with Freeserve

  hugh-265156 17:16 19 Jan 2004

also try removing any other phone ext sockets running from the main box and plugging the modem directly into the main bt box,do not use an extension.

  hugh-265156 17:26 19 Jan 2004

see if updated modem drivers might help if available click here

  fred 22:36 19 Jan 2004

Freeserve seems to be struggling after the christmas surge in new users. A friend has repeatedly moaned to me about refusal to connect to freeserve and, eventually, a very slow connection. When connected to virgin the speed was very much faster and far more reliable. How many thousand freeserve CD's have been given away with new machines?

Personally I have no probs with bt.

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