painfully slow internet access

  drdeath 17:37 19 Jun 2004

hello, i have a low spec pc, (pentium 200 mhz, 64 ram) the internet access is slow like you wouldnt believe, browsing from web page to web page takes ages, any ideas or suggestions on my options here to improve connection speed thank you for your time

  hugh-265156 17:57 19 Jun 2004

what version of windows do you have and is this a recient problem or has it always been very slow?

are you using a dial up connection? if so and its always very slow then try installing the latest drivers for your modem.

try turning of graphics in web pages, this should speed things up but it wont look very nice and some sites may not work very well.

in internet explorer click tools/internet options/advanced and untick 'show pictures' 'play anamations in web pages' 'play videos in web pages' boxes.

run a check for spyware with adaware or spybot click here click here as this can slow things down further.

as above some more info may help a bit.

  GaT7 18:01 19 Jun 2004

You may have ad/spyware. Try a clean out with Adaware, Spybot-S&D & CWS. To download click here, click here & click here. After install do an online UPDATE for the first 2 before running scans. Also install SpywareBlaster click here to prevent most future infections.

Also, clear out your Temp, Temporary Internet files & Cookies folders.

When you post back it would help to know your OS, Internet connection type & ISP.

  paul-261857 18:09 19 Jun 2004

I can only suggest one thing for what its worth.
I had downloaded a popular music file sharing/MP3 site, which began with K, need I say more.I downloaded literally 100's and 100's of MP3s.Everytime that I went online my speed dropped dramatically, I have Broadband and it was acting like a very slow dial up connection.
As soon as I deleted it from my system the speed went up to max.Dont worry that deleting it that you might lose all your MP3's.Just go into search,enter the said site name and it will find them for you. Hope this is helpfull.

  lixdexik 18:41 19 Jun 2004

Then It could be other phones connected around the house that are causing the problem..try unplugging any other phone in the house and see if that helps...

Cheers Lixdexik.

  Tinkey Winkey 19:03 19 Jun 2004

As you have Pentium 200 you may well have a 33k modem instead of 56k - if you're not on broadbeans.... er.....broadbandband.

I had one on my "warp-speed 9" Pentium 166mhz !

Browsing the net was painful - not really worth the bother unless this is all you have.

As others have said it really depends if your browsing has slowed compared to what you're used to.

Remember to make allowances for heavy internet traffic during peak times (like now).

Suspect you may have some spyware.
It's worth installing the links Crossbow has mentioned above.

  drdeath 21:39 19 Jun 2004

sorry guys im in windows 98, ujonline is my server, im usinh a dial up connection, this is a second hand pc!!! thank you all for your advice

  GaT7 22:58 19 Jun 2004

drdeath, click here to read an article about possible factors affecting dialup connection speed (some already mentioned here - we didn't miss much!). UKonline is a good ISP (I've used them in the past with no problems) so it probably wouldn't be their fault even at peak times, but you never know.

huggyg71, you beat me to the initial post - you're a fast typer ; ) G

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