Painful arm with mouse

  johnincrete 17:21 17 Jan 2012

My arm from elbow to wrist has become very painful and I notice that it's worse when I have to do a lot of mouse activity. Anybody else got this problem? Anyone cured the problem? Any advice welcome(doctor NBG)

  KRONOS the First 17:32 17 Jan 2012

If you were a stressed civil servant I would suggest that you have RSI and should take the next 6 months sick leave and of course claim many thousands of pounds in compensation.LOL

If you are not and this is a fairly recent occurrence then it might well be be a combination of things. I noticed that when I was in full cancer treatment mode I too had problems with my right hand that got worse after using the mouse for a while, As I am an ardent gamer this was difficult to avoid.The fingers on my left hand did not fare any better, no doubt pressing the WASD keys whilst gaming was the cause. Oddly I did not notice any problems whilst gaming but it was mighty painful when I stopped.

I started to use the Nurofen gel which I rubbed into my hands and wrists for a while. I don't seem to have any problems these days.

Maybe a track-ball might help you? I couldn't get used to it but there again I cannot use a track-pad either.

  Diemmess 17:45 17 Jan 2012

Possibly RSI, or repetitive strain injury. When you have "a lot of mouse activity" the pain returns.

This or similar, became common for computer or electronic keyboard users long ago, and if my guess is right it is high time to experiment with different body posture and positioning of the mouse. HSE and employers both, do their best to ensure that all keyboard operators take sufficient rest periods and are seated properly

Pain in the wrist suggests to me that you are clutching at the click end of things while perhaps not letting your wrist rest on the desk. If the mouse is a weird trendy shape try a different one.

I had a similar burning at my shoulder when I was using a tablet and its pen. My trouble was that I liked using the pen in preference to the mouse, but it meant that my whole arm was supported from my shoulder except for a steadying finger or two.

Find some way to let your wrist and forearm rest on the table and the trouble will go fast. Leaving it longer without doing anything will greatly prolong the recovery.

  Flak999 17:46 17 Jan 2012

I had a similar problem and bought myself a gel wrist rest. It has sorted things for me!

  shellship 17:56 17 Jan 2012

Years ago I had a similar problem and solved it and Diemmess' advice is absolutely spot on.

  onthelimit1 19:38 17 Jan 2012

I have 'tennis elbow' (not sure how, as I abhor any form of physical activity!), but I find using a mouse makes it worse.

  justme 20:10 17 Jan 2012

You could try adjusting the height of your chair.

Most chairs with adjustable height control will very slowly lower themselves down over a period of months (years?).

I have had a similar problem and found that raising the seat up helped very much.

  morddwyd 20:39 17 Jan 2012

Have a look at the advice on working with monitors here

In particular page 6.

When I was still in H&S, where such pain was not uncommon in some area, my first advice was rest, five minutes in every hour away from the keyboard, and the screen, and get up and move. Second step was a gel filled wrist rest, and then voice control and/or trackball.

Ultimate was a change of job, of course.

  Belatucadrus 22:11 17 Jan 2012

I also use a mouse mat with integral gel filled wrist support, wouldn't go without it now.

  lotvic 01:35 18 Jan 2012

Having suffered the same painful problem, and having to rest affected part:

I have come up with my solution to ease it, and am now able to use mouse without severe pain and have created storage space for A4 paper and files :)

I have made a two part arm rest side table that supports from elbow to mouse.

Made a diagram sketch, pic of my side table arm rest ClickHere

  sharpamat 07:54 18 Jan 2012

Whilst agreeing with all the advice given, this is a problem that is normally seen more with keyboards that mice.Normally associoted with the nerves in the wrist.

I would advise seeing your GP as to cause. and advice.They may well choose to treat or send for tests, A simple one is a nerve conduction test. painlesss and accurate.

My wife develped Carple Tunnel Syndrom from Computer and WP use and ignored it. End result was 5 ops which have not worked and now she has very little use in either hand and constant pain.

There are other methods of control to avoid a mouse, inc speech, or if useing win 7 touch screen

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