Is paid for spyware protection any better?

  RamUK 10:18 28 Jun 2004

After spending most of my weekend trying to remove a home page hijacker and failing I was wondering whether the spyware killers that it was having the audacity to point me to could have helped clear it up. A bit like being held to ransom really.

I tried all the usual stuff including Spybot, Adaware, CW Shredder, HJT, Start Page Guard, Registry Cleaner and more. However, there were a few that claimed to have found spyware but only the scan part was free to actually do their job, they required payment.

So, are they any better and when I finally remove this piece of ****, will I be better off using one?

If Nellie2 reads this. Thanks for your help but I need a bit of time before I sit down and try what you suggest.

  SANTOS7 10:37 28 Jun 2004

diferent spyware detectors will always pick up something that others don't the ones you have listed let spyware on to your PC so when you scan they can more often than not be removed. the free programmes that are available to all i think do a good job SPY-BOT ,AVG, ADAWARE, and SPYWARE BLASTER (which stops it actually entering yout pc) if all these are updated regularly you should minimise your problems.
My point is if these progs are free then why pay,
unless you want pro versions, useing these utilities, and i do, are all OK by me

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:37 28 Jun 2004

Like paid for There are no programmes that will stop all trojans etc. A lot of these 'invaders' rely on the operator letting them in. Homepage hijackers usually have your 'permission'. I suspect that a lot of these ones that the scans discover may be somewhat...*ahem*...suspect.


  SANTOS7 10:44 28 Jun 2004

i agree with you Gandalf it would help if you are a bit more selective "lets say" as to where you actually point your pc when on the net,
PS hows middle earth these days,

  Gongoozler 10:49 28 Jun 2004

The paid for version of AdAware has extra features, the most useful of which is that it claims to block Adware from getting on your computer in the first place. To some people this alone could well be worth the $26.95 it costs click here

  RamUK 11:00 28 Jun 2004

I've had a pc since 1996 and although I've had a few scares never had a virus or any untoward problems until recently. Now I seem to have a constant barrage of stuff aimed at me. Now to the best of my knowledge I've not turned into a porno fiend although I don't know about the wife ;-)

It does mostly coincide with downloading Morpheus (which also screwed up my Ipod but that's another story) in an attempt to cut down on my huge cd buying bill.

Why on earth can't a manufacturer come up with a good package that includes internet security, firewall, av and anti malware all in one. Or is there a good one out there?

  SANTOS7 11:17 28 Jun 2004

not sugesting that for a minute, unfortunately the afor mentioned porn raises its ugly head in the most unlikely places causing distress to the most innocent of users, as for an all in one package does such an animal exist, maybe in SP2 for xp some of these issues have been addressed for those without XP i can only advise to use whats available to its full capacity and if your not sure DON'T, good luck

  Gongoozler 12:04 28 Jun 2004

Products like Norton Internet Security claim to do almost everything including AntiVirus, Firewall, AntiSpam, AntiAdware etc. - but at a price. click here.

  VCR97 20:55 28 Jun 2004

Norton Internet Security does a lot but you will still need Adaware, Spybot, Spywareblaster, etc.

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