Paging File Problems

  daivey 06:53 25 Mar 2004

Hello there,

Somethings gone askew with my paging file and I dont know what. I had some problems a few months back and upon the sound advice of someone here d/ld a new driver (tpksd...somethign like that) and it did the trick.

However the last few days its been giving me hassles again, run more than 2 programs at the same time and one of them will crash...

The only thing i can think of thats changed is ive installed an antivirus prgram (AntiVir 6), could this somehow be responsible?

Im running XP Pro with plenty of spare memory, any thoughts?


  temp003 07:04 25 Mar 2004

Did you uninstall any previous Antivirus program before installing the new one?

Did you get any error message when the programs crashed?

See if you can find the cause of the error.

Click Start, Run, type eventvwr.msc and press Enter.

Look at the System Log and Application Log and double click the error entries, to see if the information makes any sense. If there seems to be a common cause, then that's the one to troubleshoot.

Or try uninstalling your antivirus (don't connect to the net without it) and see if the problem disappears.

Or try using one module of memory at a time (if you use more than one) to see if memory may be the cause.

  temp003 07:10 25 Mar 2004

Sorry, I missed the bit about the paging file problem (of course it's only right there in the title and first sentence).

So presumably XP Pro told you there was a problem with your pagefile? What does it say?

  daivey 08:08 25 Mar 2004

Its giving a warning message saying virtual memory is too low, now adjusting your page file blah blah. However when I check the page file it appears to be sitting happily at 336 - 672. Strangly though it wont let me alter that amount. Ive tried the system managed option too but that seems to make no difference to the problem.

Ive also just uninstalled the new AV program to no avail. :/


  temp003 09:00 25 Mar 2004

The strange part is you can't change the settings for the size of the pagefile (did you remember to click the SET button after making changes, then click OK?).

A common solution is to set min and max to zero to get rid of the pagefile (in case it's corrupt), then re-create it. But you can't do that. Presumably you were logged on with Administrator privileges?

click here;EN-US;315270 and see if it applies to you (just in case).

Also check this. Click Start, Run, type gpedit.msc and press Enter. Please don't make rash changes in Group Policy.

Expand Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > User Rights Assignment. Look for an entry "Create a pagefile" and see that the Local and Effective Settings are Administrators (don't change anything).

Another thing to try, if you can't change the pagefile settings, is in Group Policy, underneath User Rights Assignment, highlight Security Options. On the right, look for entry Clear virtual memory pagefile when system shuts down. Double click it and set it to Enabled. Click OK. Restart. After Windows has loaded, restart again, to see if the problem is still there. If it doesn't solve the problem, change the setting back to the original one.

Also click here for some ideas.

  temp003 09:03 25 Mar 2004

Sorry, the first link should be click here

  NGE 10:14 25 Mar 2004

i had this paging file problem once. It would go up to about 250 MB PF USAGE and then shut down and restart. It turned out to be a faulty installation of the new graphic drivers i had updated. Try reinstalling the graphics card and remember to uninstall it first.

  daivey 10:35 25 Mar 2004

ok, ive tried deleting the page file and setting it up again, following the instructions given on your second link, temp 003. however, when it came to deleting pagefile.sys i couldnt find it after searching C:..... does this mean im missing an important file, placing me rather a long way up shit creek?

and NGEs post has reminded me it could be something to do with a new soundcard i installed last week?... ill have a fiddle with that.

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