Paging Error - Partition Corruption

  johndrew 09:44 31 May 2007

Yesterday and again today my second HDD, used for backups and storage, exhibited an error on one of the two partitions. In both cases the System event viewer log was worded:

"An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk1\D during paging operation."

This I find a little strange as the partition on the affected HDD are E & F but D is the second partition on the primary drive.

Could it be that the primary drive has a problem that is causing this effect on the second drive?

Many thanks in anticipation for any help or advice.

  johndrew 14:13 31 May 2007


  johndrew 19:18 31 May 2007


  appletrees 20:58 31 May 2007

2 possibilities occur to me:
a) Harddisk1 may be the HD after Harddisk0. Numbering is weird.
b) The problem MAY be that you have previously set one of your partitions to be used as a swap partition, and since doing so, you have added an active partition somewhere, with the result that Windows has (in its infinite wisdom!) renamed the drives after the C: partition to take account of the extra partition, so that your swap file is being looked for on the wrong drive.

This may have occurred because you have plugged in a USB pen drive that has a hidden partition for your data, and Windows has treated this pen drive partition as an extra one for the purposes of numbering.

  johndrew 09:53 01 Jun 2007

Thanks for coming back.

`a)` I can`t understand that either. My primary drive (system) is on HDD 0 as C: which is usual, D: is a partition also on that drive. E & F which get corrupted occasionally are both on HDD 1 which is my second drive and always has been.

I have searched using Google but all that I have found is inconclusive. Many people appear to have, or have had, this error with similar problems associated. In some cases the primary drive has failed very shortly after - this may have been coincidental. There appears to be some opinion that this is a Microsoft software fault but I have no idea.

`b)` I have made no changes to any partitions since buying this PC new. The problem didn`t occur for the first 18 months or so but over the past 6 months has randomly occurred. I only found this entry by chance whilst looking for a reason for the fault.

Given my lack of technical knowledge on PCs and MS software I was hoping someone may have had a similar experience and found a solution.

  johndrew 15:21 01 Jun 2007

Whoops!! Should have said, I don`t use Pen drives, but I have used an external drive and camera. But these were used long before the problem started with no apparent ill effects.

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