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  geoff47 03:37 02 Dec 2007

I am concerned about screen sizes when viewing a site.
I would hate to have side scrolling.
Im using NOF8 and set the Layout size to 700pixels wide, leaving the page size to be 900 pixels.
Is this the best size or will some miss out on the delights of my latest offering ?

Here it is
Constructive criticism welcome

  geoff47 03:51 02 Dec 2007

Why has my link not transformed into Click Here, as normally happens ?

  mco 10:47 02 Dec 2007

I think that is ok (looked at your site from the name) It's what I do when I use NOF - centre the layout at 700pixels. Yes, you get a large space either side if you have a large screen but then nobody else with a smaller screen misses out so I'd say that was ok.

  Eric10 11:11 02 Dec 2007

Your link didn't turn into a "click here" because you omitted the http part as click here.

  geoff47 11:26 02 Dec 2007

Thanks for the reassurance mco, but I test the site at click here
and it shows as if you need to scroll even at lover screen sizes.

Thanks Eric10 that makes sense......hope they never have to speak the http part, like they do on the TV when giving web addresses.....

  Kemistri 14:17 02 Dec 2007

I used to use NOF8 when I was new to all this, and I often opted for an elastic layout. That said, the table-based code that NOF8 developed was always going to be bigger, more complex, and more prone to bugs when doing it that way. The wizzywig cell/row/column settings were never 100% solid and consistent either. That was one of my reasons for ditching it, to be honest, because a proper CSS layout is always going to be much better (easier to code, easier to plan, more consistent and bug-free). Whether you opt for fixed or elastic is a project-specific decision that depends on the content and your chosen layout. If you use a fixed layout, be sure to centre it so that it looks balanced to all users.

  mco 16:43 02 Dec 2007

I just had a look at your site, geoff, on that link, and I see what you mean. How do you set your page up? When I use NOF (and I know this isn't the professionals' way!) I make the page background a certain colour and then create a 700px table centred in the layout which is a different colour - preferably white -and then put my content on that table. When I examine my pages in anybrowser (the link you gave) you get the table in the middle with the relevant content and the extra bits either side are lost -which is ok. So I don't understand how come you have scrolling bars on yours?

  Kemistri 19:03 02 Dec 2007

I just viewed the site in a browser that covers the best part of a 1440 screen (about 1250 I'd guess) and the beige patterned background had a lot of whitespace (beigespace?) to the right of the content. This must be down to your use of framesets (or rather, your use of a NOF layout that employs framesets. Given the software restriction, you should probably use a table layout instead. With table layouts, you need only to specify a 100% three-column table with a fixed-width central column for your content (this can be sub-divided or filled with a nested table) and auto-width left and right columns. But.... tables are really not good things to be using for layout unless you absolutely have to. A very simple fixed-width CSS layout with auto margins would be ideal, but it would mean doing it by hand or changing your software, but these are not easy options for (respectively) novices or those on a tight budget.

Of the three (is it three?) layout options that NOF8 offers, which one are you using? My memory of the details is hazy, but I think the dynamic option will produce a checkbox for centred layout somewhere in the palettes.

  geoff47 20:53 02 Dec 2007

Thanks for the response.
I think my lack of knowing what exactly I am doing is the problem.
I am not aware of useing frames,framesets or tables.
There are two variable options, for page design layout, I believe in NOF8.
One is where you use Masterboarder the other Zero Margins.Both give you a Layout area that can be resized,and centred, but niether show in the browser the same as in Page Preview within the program.
Masterboarder allows content to be repeated on every page ie Navigation or heading or whatever you wish, along the top and sides of the page.Zero Margins dont give that option as each page has unique content.
I have used Master Boarders with Top and side frames that repeat almost throughout the site.The Layout area is centered, but never shows properly to me when viewed in a browser,centering itself according to position on the page, but tending to be lopsided for some reason.
Perhaps I should use Zero Margins, with a 600 layout area centered ?

Does anyone understand all that ?

  Kemistri 21:17 02 Dec 2007

I'm not talking about margins or frames (distinct from the frameset tag); I'm talking about the layout options. Select Tools > Options > Current Site. Click on Change. I recommend that you view your source code in order to understand it better.

  geoff47 21:42 02 Dec 2007

Thats easy for you to say Kemistri....

I have just ventured into the Tools > Options > Current Site.
I have learnt something already, I am not sure what yet.

And they say ignorance is bliss.....
Let me play around and get back to have led me into new territories.
I have much to learn.
Why do they let people like me loose with PCs ?

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