Pages Per Month

  DJ-Garry 23:09 04 May 2004

Can anyone tell me what is meant by eg. '3,000 pages per month' in the spec of an inkjet printer please?

  Daz35 23:16 04 May 2004

I could be wrong, but I've always thought it was telling you how much the printer could comfortably print without giving up the ghost too soon.

  DJ-Garry 13:58 05 May 2004

Thanks Daz35.
Does anyone else have any ideas??

  Daz35 15:57 05 May 2004

I've just asked our friend Jeeves and most of the sites are quoting pages per month as workload each printer can handle. If you spend £50 on a cheap printer it won't be able to handle as much workload as a £5000 machine before it screams for mercy and dies on you. I suppose it equates to buying a hover mower to cut the grass at a football stadium! Anyway that's the gist of it.

  end 18:48 05 May 2004

(errr, whats so wrong with buying a hover mower to cut the grass at a football stadium??; it might take a little while but....)

  Forum Editor 18:52 05 May 2004

is what's called the 'duty cycle', and is an indication of the workload that a particular machine was designed to cope with.

I've always felt the duty cycle figures are pretty meaningless as far as home users are concerned, but they're valuable information for a corporate IT purchasing manager.

  Sir Radfordin 19:26 05 May 2004

For the duty cycle to be of any real meaning you need to be in an environment that has a fairly consistent print rate from day-to-day. In my experience most home users print lots one day and nothing for a few before printing the odd page.

Any printer on the market today is likly to cope very well with the needs of the average user. Only if you are in the habit of printing out 100 page reports ever day would you need to be concerned.

  DJ-Garry 19:54 05 May 2004

Thanks guys. I'm not going to reach anywhere near the 3,000 pages the Canon Bubble Jet i865 is supposed to be capable of. The main problem I have is that the print heads on cheap printers dry out with LACK of use rather than over use.

  Daz35 20:01 05 May 2004

You're missing the point. If you use a hover mower to cut the grass at a football stadium, within a short period of time the motor will burn out etc because it's not meant for the job.
I suspect what I was saying in my first post was correct, but I didn't use the phrase 'duty cycle'!

  end 21:42 05 May 2004

I know the point and the seeming ridiculousness OF my suggestion , but, just visualise the mower, taking its time to get the job done.......but, who says that a hover big enough FOR the job doesnt exist...??? ( and again, its me tending to see the funny or ridiculous side of anything in the midst of calamities...(???isnt life too short NOT to have a laugh ???)

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