Pages lose top image - spuriously!

  peabody 20:35 11 Dec 2005

Please see click here. Although I never see this problem, some people lose the top 'banner' image entirely and the page moves up to fill the gap. The DHTML menu consequently positions across the main content section of the page (and all pages on the site!)

I can find no common denominator that explains this - the visitors are using IE, latest and older versions. Other images display OK. They have Java enabled. I have tested without the menu and they get the same problem. It seems completely spurious.

They also seem to get a similar problem at click here but in this instance, although they do not see the top image, the space is there for it. On this site, it should be noted, the Home page has a javascript fade-in/fade-out banner but the problem happens on other pages.

If somebody could look at the code and see if they can spot a glitch I will happily award them a medal!


  PurplePenny 20:55 11 Dec 2005

They are both using images that are in a folder named 'banners' and the images themselves have 'banner'in the title. Apparently (though I have no personal experience of this) some pop-up stoppers prevent images called 'banner' from loading.

  peabody 21:01 11 Dec 2005

Thanks so much - I will try changing the image name to remove the word banner and see what happens.

Well spotted!

  PurplePenny 21:07 11 Dec 2005

Hope it works - let us know.

  peabody 21:23 11 Dec 2005

I changed the image name from 'banner.jpg' to 'top_image.jpg' for click here and one of the guys who was getting the problem says it has indeed cured it!!

He will check with his buddies asap (this week) and let me know how they get on.

He thinks he has a Norton pop-up blocker but I will try to find out if all these people have the same blocker and which one and report back.

So many thanks!

  peabody 22:07 14 Dec 2005

I started off by changing the top image file name to exclude the word 'banner' and this partly cured the problem; i.e. 1 PC where the problem occurred previously was OK, but all PCs were cured.

I then renamed the folder holding th images to exclude the word 'banner' and the problem appears to be cured across the board.

I can't be specific, but the common denominator seems to be Norton Internet Security which I assume has a pop-up blocker; the PCs in question were running v 2006 (cured first pass) and v2005 (cured second pass).

I am trying to get more specific info re the versions where the problem occurred and will report back in due course.

Thanks again for your help - good spot!

  peabody 22:09 14 Dec 2005

sorry - first line should have said 'not all PCs were cured'.

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