PageManger software for Epson Scanner

  Simsy 10:53 29 Jun 2005

Hi folks,

I've just aquired, 2nd hand via eBay, an Epson 1200 Perfection scanner. No driver CD with it.

I've managed to download suitable driver/manuals etc from the Epson website, but there is some software that was on the original epson CD that I can't seem to find on the website...

It's called "PageManager". Basically, (if I understand correctly), when this is installed you can press the button on the scanner and it brings up a small toolbar on screen. This toolbar consists of several buttons which you click to start the scanner working into a mode/application which you preset on the buttons, e.g. imaging suite, copy to printer, fax, email etc.

I'm sure it must be on the site, and I have searched, but I can't find it.

I'm humbled by having to do this, but can anyone provide me with a link to it?

Thanks in anticipation.



  woodchip 11:03 29 Jun 2005

click here
Software and Driver downloads

  Simsy 11:18 29 Jun 2005

but I got that far.

It's a link for the particular piece of software, "PageManager", that I'm after. I can't find it!



  mammak 15:39 29 Jun 2005

Is this what your looking for?
click here

  Lionheart ? 18:02 29 Jun 2005

I use Pagemanager with my Epson scanner but not the same model as yours though, I could email it to you to try, it is 102Mb in size that is the only problem.

If you want to try it click on the yellow envelope next to my name.

  Simsy 18:37 29 Jun 2005

I suspect that it is related. Certainly it describes the same action, but accordng to the pdf manual, which I was able to download, this is part of the utility software that comes on the CD that comes with the scanner, and is free.

Lionheart? Does your prog do what I've described? If so I may take you up if I don't find another route. As an email that would be too large for me.

Thanks for all the input.

I won't tick it for now.



  Lionheart ? 18:44 29 Jun 2005

Sorry no Pagemanager I am using doesn't do all you want, they must have different software applications for each scanner.

  mammak 21:46 29 Jun 2005

Simsy hi sorry did not realise this was a paid for version.
PS.tip try google it could come up with sonething.
Regards Mammak.

  mammak 21:47 29 Jun 2005

Or even "something" Lol.

  Simsy 10:52 30 Jun 2005

I'm going to close this now.

Having read, and digested a bit better, the contents of the pdf, it's not what I'm after!




  Naseby 2 11:27 30 Jun 2005

Have just bought Presto Page Manager 6 from Newsoft.It seems you can only get it from the USA with all the charges that go with importing.Glad I did it's a great program for scanning,printing and form filling better tha any other scanning prog I have used.Naesby

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