Page won't work properly in Netscape!

  Ben Avery 15:36 29 Jan 2004


My photo album test page is undergoing final changes at present and is functioning perfectly in Internet Explorer.

In Opera [as I'm sure Penny will confirm ;o)] the page looks almost identical with the exception of the text box's "border: 0" not recognised.

However, in Netscape 7.1, the entire text box, whilst looking better than the Opera one, doesn't actually function.

What SHOULD happen when you click the next/previos buttons, is the text box should display the filename of the above picture's larger version.

Have a look and see if you can suss it out for me!

click here



  PurplePenny 21:02 29 Jan 2004

I will indeed :-) As you say looks just about identical apart from the text box border.

Haven't got Netscape 7 so I tried in Mozilla and get the same results as you describe for Netscape - the text box doesn't change, no matter which photo I go to it stubbornly refuses to display any text other than 01.jpg.

I think that the border in Opera may be because you've put quotes for every border="0" bar that one.

The Netscape/Mozilla problem appears to be that it is retaining the initial value but there I'll leave it. My knowledge of JavaScript doesn't extend far beyond using other people's scripts :-)

Looking forward to seeing the real piccies eventually. BTW further to your Consumerwatch thread of a few weeks ago on buying online - did Leah's dress arrive from the US safely and was much tax added?


  Ben Avery 00:23 30 Jan 2004

Wedding dress orders from the US take about 3-4 months with the manufacturer in question (who, for what it's worth, is Maggie Sottero) as each dress is hand made to order.

Leah only placed her order tail end of December and so it will not arrive in the UK until end of March/April time.


my sister order a Maggie from the same company (House of Brides) and her's arrived safely last week with the only hitch being Parcelforce (who didn't leave a note saying they'd tried to deliver and no1 was home!)

I tracked it down on the web via and and bingo, it was being held in the Norwich depot!

In parcelforce's defence, she did recieve a letter the following day saying the same thing, but Leah's dress is being sent by FedEx, so as long as Tom Hanks doesn't try to deliver it we should be safe...

..nobody here placing any orders for a volleyball in March/April time are they?

P.S. All sorted on the code front now - gave it to a contact in Dallas via another Forum (shhh!) and he's re-written the code to work in all browsers and allowed it to display greyed out "forward" & "back" buttons when you are at the beginning or end.

Will upload by middle of next week at latest.


  Ben Avery 00:36 30 Jan 2004

To work out wedding dress costs:

Dress total in US$


Shipping (Freight) in US$


CIF Cost (Cost, Insurance, Freight)


CIF in US$ needs to be converted into GBP(£)


CIF in £


17.5% VAT


12.2% Customs Duty (12.2% applies to wedding dresses only)


Total Dress Cost (may be UP TO £12 additional handling fee by Royal Mail)

That's it!



Dress in UK costs £699

Same dress in US costs $399 (seriously!)

$399 Dress + $100 FedEx Delivery

= $499 CIF($)


$499 = £274.73


£274.73 + 17.5% VAT

= £322.81

£322.81 + 12.2% Customs Duty

= £362.19


£362.19 + £12 Royal mail handling fee

= £374.19 - TOTAL COST

(and who said it's expensive to buy from the US?!)


  PurplePenny 12:11 30 Jan 2004

"only hitch being Parcelforce (who didn't leave a note saying they'd tried to deliver and no1 was home!)"

That sounds all too familiar. Same thing here -ordered boots online from US for Kev's birthday. US company got them to the UK in a couple of days then it took 5 days to get them from the depot (which is only five minutes away) to us. The reason? .... no delivery and no note. In fact I was home all day and the depot had the parcel recorded as undelivered because no-one was in.

£699 > £374.19 Wow - that's a huge saving.

Glad you got the code sorted.


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