Page too big for screen-Help please?

  buel 13:43 06 Jul 2009

Hi, whenever i load up a page i have to move the slider accross the bottom to see the whole page, please can anyone tell me how i can fit the whole page onto my screen?
Ps- Also, i get the " symbol instead of the @ sign, how do i change this please?

  johnnyrocker 13:45 06 Jul 2009

check language settings? pic size should be a monitor setting?


  mooly 14:21 06 Jul 2009

Web pages to big ? Set a custom zoom level (bottom right of page)
I use 130% with IE8 and a high DPI setting of 144. Using the screen at native resolution of 1440/900 and the result is good sized text that's super sharp. If you use anything other than native resolution on an LCD the text will be not as sharp as it could be.

  DieSse 14:23 06 Jul 2009

I presume you mean "page" on the internet??

Increase the resolution of your display - then you'll get more on the screen. These days many pages are designed for a 1024pixel wide resolution or higher.

What resolution are you using?

  buel 15:51 06 Jul 2009

I've no idea, im using an old huge monitor at this very moment you see so dont know how to change the res etc etc

  T I M B O 15:56 06 Jul 2009

Right click on desk top.
click properties
click settings tab
look for screen resolution & there u will see a bar that goes from left to right. try moving it to the right 1360 x 1024 then click apply & ok....

  rawprawn 15:56 06 Jul 2009

Whih Os are you using, try Right clicking on your Desktop> Personapize> Display Settings and set the Resolution to High

  DieSse 16:01 06 Jul 2009

If it's an old monitor - the highest resolution you will get will likely be 1280x1024 or 1024x768 (you won't get 1360x1024 unless it's some type of wide-screen monitor.).

  buel 17:32 06 Jul 2009

Hi, i have xp. It must be how old the monitor is then! Thanks for that!

  DieSse 17:37 06 Jul 2009

"It must be how old the monitor is then"

I don't follow your statement. Even old monitors, especially "big ones" (how big?) will probably get to 1280x1024 or at very worst 1024x768.

If you can't change the resolution to that, then you may need to load the correct drivers for the graphics card - have you done that?

  gazzaho 19:22 06 Jul 2009

On old cathode ray tube monitors you may have to set both Windows resolution and the monitor itself to get the proper display. Any analogue monitor I ever had, needed to be set both in windows and the monitors menu in order to display properly. LCD monitors have a few preset resolutions and that's it but old analogue monitor tube adjustments may need to be set. Much like on old televisions you were able to adjust the vertical and horizontal positions.

I would select the resolution in windows, perhaps 1360x1024 then select the menu on the monitor and look for width and height settings and adjust these to bring the sides and top/bottom into view.

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