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  Chris the Ancient 15:42 17 May 2004

Searched all sorts of keywords and things - with no luck!

About 2 weeks ago (?) there was a thread about someone who had difficulty with a home page hijack. As far as I can remember, all the standard things (AdAware, Spypot, SPJ etc.) had all been tried, but the hijack came back!

Now I'm in that state!

I keep getting some search engine/directory type thing - but I'm still on Home Page blank according to the title bar!

Each time it comes back, I run all the bits and pieces, and AdAware finds CoolWeb malware and needs to delete it. Which I do. CWS run after an AdAware run restores 6 internet explorer pages. Should it? Or is this a sneaky way of getting past me?

This seems to be happening since I did an XP critical updates and/or visited ebay. Whether that bears any relationship on the matter, I don't know.

Can anyone remember the original link?


Has anyone had the same thing and cured it?


Can offer any help?


  Legolas 15:49 17 May 2004

The following is the way I had to go to get rid of a peresistant hi-jacker

Go into start/search and search for whatever you are getting delete all instances you find.
Then go into the registry by typing rededit at start/run.

Once in the registry go to edit/find and search for whatever you are getting, continue to search by clicking 'find next' until you have searched and removed all instances of whatever you are getting from the registry.

Go into start/run and type msconfig 'ok' click the startup tab and untick any instance of reg32 and reg33 disable system restore and reboot.

  Djohn 15:49 17 May 2004

Found these Chris, not sure if any of them help. click here click here click here click here click here

  Chris the Ancient 15:55 17 May 2004

We're there!

Between us all (and me trying different search methods), I've got the page I wanted - one that had a link to a kb article which I shall now try!

Just stop being so darned quick, will ya! ;o)


  Legolas 16:16 17 May 2004

Could you post the link Chris

  Chris the Ancient 18:24 17 May 2004

It was this thread

click here

And also the kb article pointed out by Crossbow7.


I cannot get SpyWareBlaster to work! I can download it with no hassle, but when I try to run the .exe file, it says the program is damaged and suggests a bad disk sector, or a virus or such. Have tried running it with NAV totally disabled and still get the same result.

Any ideas??


  Smiler 19:38 17 May 2004

"Searched all sorts of keywords and things - with no luck!"

click here

This seems to be an ongoing problem. No response to this question from PC Advisor staff.

crx1600 states
the search does work, but only for threads created before 18/03/04.

change the search from 'past week' to 'all discussion' and you get lots of results, but all created before 18/03/04.

  Chris the Ancient 20:07 17 May 2004

That's the way I did it - 'all discussions'! Then found the one I wanted.

The problem...
I've reloaded the system (thank goodness for Norton Ghost and a reasonably recent copy of the system!). Over a s-l-o-w period, I shall try and rebuild any goodies I put in since the last ghost copy. The most significant one was the XP Critical Updates!!!!

Off for a glass (large) of chilled white!


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