Page setup in Publisher 2000

  ade.h 21:30 17 Oct 2005

Can anyone tell me how to fine tune page setup for positioning multiple copies of a design on a page, such as business cards?

This is easy to do in Word, through customising the Labels print layout and setting your own margins, etc. but I can't find this option in Publisher. It doesn't show up in page setup.

I want to use Publisher for the task in question if at all possible, as it's more suited to it than Word. When I have done trial prints, the designs are repeated 10 per page, as expected, but the margins do not match the pre-cut card that I'm using.

All input greatfully received.

  jimv7 21:43 17 Oct 2005

Hold alt down then use the arrow keys to move the highlighted section.

  ade.h 21:46 17 Oct 2005

Eh? In what, the page setup screen?

  ade.h 22:26 17 Oct 2005


  Derek 06:49 18 Oct 2005

Assuming that you want to produce say twenty business cards in MS Pub, go into Arrange then set up your rows and columns. Increase the edges significantly.
Draw the first square and blow it up, design your card in the usual way and save it. Now reduce the sixe to say 75%.
Now Copy that design as many times as to fill the top row and save that eg "card b". Select all and copy that to the next row etc until you have filled all squares. Save it and job done.

Hope this is what you wanted to hear.

  ade.h 13:21 18 Oct 2005

That sounds like the answer! I'll give it a go later. Thanks very much.

  Klof Ron 15:45 18 Oct 2005

When you have designed you cards, and selected multiple copies per sheet go to file/page set up and click "change copies per sheet" from there you can define your own margins for the print card you are using.

  Klof Ron 15:52 18 Oct 2005

Download the free Avery wizard for word and use their pre cut cards.

  Klof Ron 15:52 18 Oct 2005
  ade.h 20:37 19 Oct 2005

Klof Ron - I haven't got that option in page setup; that might be in a later version only.

Derek - unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be any such option on the Arrange tab; all I have is Layout guides (which has margin adjustment for the white work-area) and Rulers.

Thanks to both of you for the input anyway.

  wee eddie 21:13 19 Oct 2005

Open Publisher > Publication Type > Business Cards > Chose a Design > Copies per Sheet > Multiple

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