Page Numbering in MS Word

  lvcabbie 17:47 19 Apr 2007

I am going nuts trying to figure this out so PLEASE HELP!!!

I have a manuscript I am going to submit for publcation and the publisher requires that pages be numbered. I have read all the help topics on the subject and they give me no help at all.

My document is 76 pages long. I need to start numbering on page 4 and each following page has to be at the opporiste edge; i.e, 4 on right, 5 on left, and so on.

I know about Page Set up and where to set headers and footers. I don't want headers but that's all that will come up when I activate it. Then, when I get to print preview, it will show the numbers but only on the left side in the header. I cannot find anywhere how to overcome this and get my manuscript ready for printing.
Again, I've tried all the Help options in the Word Help Menu and am still at a loss.
If you can guide me, make it simple as I'm not all that brilliant when it comes to these damned things.
Thanks in advance.

  MaxUpload 18:07 19 Apr 2007

I don't know if this will be what you're looking for but here goes.

Each page of the document has to be numbered separately.

In your case open page 4 and go to View/Header and Footer.Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see the Footer text box.Insert the cursor [which by default is in the left margin] then press the tab key twice and the cursor will position itself in the right margin.Enter the page number.

The Footer text box can be resized by using the page margin markers at the top.

Slow I know for seventy odd pages but this is the only way I know how to do it.

  lvcabbie 18:24 19 Apr 2007

Well, I'll give it a try right now and let you know how it works. Thanks

  Woolwell 18:31 19 Apr 2007

I think this is what you need although I haven't tried it myself
click here

  lvcabbie 18:40 19 Apr 2007

To MaxUpload - I tried it and it didn't work. Whatever number I typed in showed up in every single page.

To Woolwell:
Wow! That sure looks to be the answer but ... how o I download/copy or whatever so I can read and follow the steps offline? I'm using Opera for the click to copy doesn;t seem to work.

  Woolwell 18:43 19 Apr 2007

I use IE7 and Firefox and either print it out or copy into word or save the page. Cannot advise on Opera.

  BRYNIT 19:19 19 Apr 2007

This is a tutorial on creating headers and footer in word click here it also includes a section on umbering pages. Hope it helps?

  BRYNIT 19:20 19 Apr 2007

Missed the n from numbering.

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