"page not found" error - but connection open?

  Kate B 14:15 12 Apr 2005

This is an intermittent problem and I can't work it out: when I have a browser open I suddenly find that it can't find pages, although email is fine and mails are happily popping in and out of Outlook.

However, when it happens, if the iBook is also on and connected wirelessly to the router it too is suddenly unable to connect to web pages even though email is fine.

A restart usually - but not always - clears the problem on both machines.

I have two potential culprits: first, it only seems to happen when I've been using Firefox on the PC - if I stick with IE all seems fine. I also wonder if it's anything to do with my recent Pipex upgrade?

Any thoughts?

  Yoda Knight 15:01 12 Apr 2005

As a matter of interest, have you implemented the firefox tweak for speed ? I have had a few random glitches since doing it...

  Kate B 17:11 12 Apr 2005

No, Yoda, I haven't done the tweak. I'm going to use IE exclusively for a while and see if the problem recurs. I'm increasingly convinced it's something to do with Firefox, which is a shame if it's true.

  Forum Editor 19:08 12 Apr 2005

(if you'll forgive me calling something so irritating "interesting") is that this happens to two computers at the same time - both of them accessing the web via a wireless router.

You'll see loads of 'page not found' problems posted on forums all over the web, but there's no particular browser pattern - some people have problems with IE and some with Firefox.

Presumably it happens when the iBook is not on the network, and also when the PC is off and the iBook is on - in other words to both machines regardless?

I'm interested to know what happens after your stint with IE alone.

  pauldonovan 19:44 12 Apr 2005

I would have thought that 9 times out of 10 page not found errors would be caused by some kind of connectivity issue. The fact that it affects both machines kind of confirms this as a strong theory to me. However, the email thing throws me off that theory.

If it was pipex related then I'm thinking it would be affecting email too but the email thing may just be luck/timing? Unless you are saying that consistently for say several minutes you get page not found but during (and definitely within) that exact period email is ok?

i.e. in quick sequence you get:

page not found
email works
page not found


Very frustrating and interesting as the FE says. Look forward to helping solve it.

  Kate B 19:58 12 Apr 2005

Glad to have piqued the collective interest. FE, it doesn't happen to the iBook when the Windows box is off, just when they're both on at the same time - though the Windows box splutters when the iBook is off.

pauldonovan, that very thing happened this afternoon: I'd had a couple of Firefox windows open and then failed to get a page. As I was cursing and about to restart, an email dropped in.

Both of which make me suspect - though of course innocent until proven guilty - Firefox.

For info, though I don't think it's relevant, I use Safari on the iBook.

  wee eddie 20:30 12 Apr 2005

This occasionally happens to me, a couple of times a week, and if I try 10 minutes later I usually get straight through.

  Irishman 21:33 12 Apr 2005

I'm on Pipex as well and this has been driving me mad for a while. On the Pipex support newsgroup somebody mentioned that it was caused by slow domain name resolution, in other words in the time it takes for the contacted website to respond Firefox throws up a cannot find error. I have had it happen with IE but to nowhere the same extent and also have the speed tweak installed in Firefox. Could Firefox be too quick for it's own good?

  Kate B 01:03 13 Apr 2005

Irishman, interesting that other Pipex users are finding it - I'll have a look at the forums. I haven't installed the tweak for Firefox - I certainly won't now.

  Kate B 15:55 14 Apr 2005

*bump* I'm still getting this problem but now it seems to be confined to my Windows box. IE is reporting that it's unable to find pages although the connection is up and running: the Mac can find pages with no problems via Safari, email is dropping in and out fine.

Gandalf, could you please point me in the direction of that link on how to repair IE - I wonder if that would do the trick?

  pauldonovan 16:21 14 Apr 2005

...If it was firefox, why is IE doing it, why is the Apple doing it (not using firefox).

And... it isn't firefox, we're back to why email is working.

I use pipex and I can't remember EVER having this problem with them.

I still reckon its connectivity and just more noticable in browsing vs email....

DNS issues could be it, and something related to both being on the network at once....

Hmmm...still thinking.

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