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  woodchip 23:01 31 Mar 2003

Why does it take so long to load a page on pca, it did not used to? My thoughts are that there are more add's in the background that I am not seeing.

  woodchip 23:04 31 Mar 2003

PS it's just like downloading software now. The two little TV's in sys tray are lit all the time

  woodchip 00:02 01 Apr 2003


  MichelleC 08:27 01 Apr 2003

I don't think it's ads as there's no whooshes from my PopUp Stopper. It could be a server issue depending on where you are. I find if pages take a while to load on a site I can speed things up if I navigate round from other sites, bypassing certain servers.

  €dstow 08:37 01 Apr 2003

Crikey, whooshes from the popup stopper - I think I'd find that nearly as distracting as the popup it's stopping!

I noticed at the weekend on my father's machine some pages on PCA were taking nearly two minutes to load up, together with various timeouts of doubleclicks, adtechs, tangozebras etc. He's on broadband as well.


  Mango Grummit 08:48 01 Apr 2003

€dstow, wish you hadn't said that. I ordered BB last week just to overcome these problems. Don't really have a need for it otherwise. Another gross error on my part then?

Note: Not stalking you this morning I promise.

  woodchip 10:34 01 Apr 2003

As above with netscape 7 they can be seen sending info back and forth, also I have Net Medic on my Computer and it is loading big items’ that was not that size before ie. 3 months ago. I am talking anything between 105 and 44 KBPS on a Dial-Up modem

  woodchip 10:41 01 Apr 2003

PS may be the Motorbike I keep getting run over with that's the problem as it is a video file but it certainly slows the page loading down. Why do they not cut the size of these graphics is beyond me it put’s me of other sites, and if it is taking any length of time I go elsewhere

  Tog 13:19 01 Apr 2003

I follow links to posts using "open in new window". That way I don't have to wait on the forum front page reloading afterwards.

  trekkieΩ 13:27 01 Apr 2003

Agree woodchip, one of the reasons I've not been back here for a while.


  woodchip 16:11 01 Apr 2003

I will leave it a while longer

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