Page file/RAM and commit charge in XP?

  dagwoood 05:43 08 Oct 2004

In task manager>performance tab, at the bottom there are two figures for the commit charge.

The first figure is the amount of memory currently being used by running processes, the second figure, I assumed, was the total of RAM on your system plus the size of your page file.

The problem is if I add my RAM value to my page file size, the value I get doesn't equal the commit charge value.

I have a RAM+page file value of 1324 but a commit charge value of 1226, a difference of 98MB.

Would someone please check there commit charge total and see if it differs from their RAM+page file total and post back please.

Any feedback would be appreciated, dagwoood.

  Gongoozler 11:08 08 Oct 2004

I don't really understand it all, but I hope this helps:

Commit Charge: Total 245616. Limit 633684. Peak 266480.

Physical Memory: Total 261664. Available 36912. System Cache 82076.

PF Usage is showing as about 250M.

I have an AMD Duron 1.6G, 256M Ram, and a 64M Graphics card.

  CurlyWhirly 11:14 08 Oct 2004

I have the same information on my Windows Task Manager info screen.
I have 1 Gb RAM and I have set my page file to 512 Mb so I should get 'Total Commit Charge' of 1.5 Gb but the actual figure I get is 1,474,792 meaning I somehow 'lose' around 62 Mb but this small amount of memory doesn't really worry me!

I am wondering whether it has something to do with the way Windows Task Manager calculates it's data along the lines of the way that Hard Disk manufacturers calculate hard drive space in Gb (1000*1000) and yet XP calculates a Gb as 1024*1024 meaning that even though I bought a 120 Gb hard drive XP sees it as a 111 Gb drive.

One final point:
As an example in Windows Task Manager my 'PF Usage' (graph) shows 275 Mb yet my 'Commit Charge (Total)' shows 281,900 and I think that this is because the 'PF Usage' (graph) figure is calculated by 1024*275=281,600 which is very close to the figure there of 'Commit Charge (Total)' of 281,900

  dagwoood 13:17 08 Oct 2004

Thanks for taking the time to post guys.

I'm sorry but I didn't say where I was getting my commit charge values from :0(

If you look at the very bottom of task manager, there is a line which displays 3 types of information. It shows "Processes", "CPU Usage" and "Commit Charge".

Now, if I turn off my page file, the value of my commit charge reads as 926, whereas is should read 1024 as I have 1GB of RAM installed. I'm taking this to mean that 98MB of my RAM is unavailable(1024-926=98).

This is what I don't understand. I'm thinking has something on my system reservered some RAM. I don't have on board graphics so I don't know what could be reserving this RAM.

Be grateful if anyone has any suggestions, dagwoood.

  JonnyTub 13:22 08 Oct 2004

Total: refers to the total amount of physical and virtual memory the computer is using at that moment.
Limit: refers to the combined limit of both the physical memory and the allocated virtual memory.
Peak: refers to the highest total system memory usage during the session in which you are using the computer.
The commit charge will increase when applications are opened and used and decrease when applications are closed.

  dagwoood 13:36 08 Oct 2004

Thanks for the post.

I do understand what the terms refer to, but as you said, "Limit: refers to the combined limit of both the physical memory and the allocated virtual memory.".

As I posted above, if I turn off my pagefile off, the Limit value should read as 1024 as I have 1GB of RAM, but it reads as 926. Where has the 98MB of RAM gone?

Thanks again, dagwoood.

  JonnyTub 13:37 08 Oct 2004

the system? sorry not sure.

  Nigel-331402 13:43 08 Oct 2004

I think the reason that your 120GB drive comes out as 111GB is that disc manufacturers state the disc capacity in its unformated state. Once you've formatted it it will be less but by how much depends upon the operating system in use (i.e. MacOS will probably give a different figure).

  dagwoood 14:19 08 Oct 2004

Thanks for the link, it made interesting reading. Some of it, was over my head but I got the general gist of it(I'll have to increase my pagefile size now).

You said you've lost 31MB, you don't have on board grapics do you?


  dagwoood 14:24 08 Oct 2004

Thanks for that. With regards to the article, I'm glad I wasn't on my own ;0)


  woodchip 14:34 08 Oct 2004

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