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  Ballie 21:14 20 Jan 2005

I have been reading about page files for win xp on the black viper web site, but I don't really understand it. I have 1280mb of DDR333mhz ram and a Barton 3000+ running at 2.22ghz.

Can anyone tell me what settings I could try for my page file and how will differant settings affect my pc.

  inneedofhelp 21:22 20 Jan 2005

set it to 1gig.

i have 1 gig of ram so probally will never use the page file EVER, but still good to have cos wins needs a wee bit, no matter how much ram you have.
With ure amount of ram, 1 gig would be suffice, but if harddisk space is at a premium, then 500-600mb will do.

If u noticed ure hardrive always churning and grinding away, u need more ram. The page file acts like ram, but cos its on the hardrive, is very slow compared to ram so will slow ure pc way down, sometimes to a stop if ure page file isnt big has an option to let it manage, so if ure unsure, just let it organise it

I have lots of partitions, and i have dedicated 1gig to the page file, becuase if ure running a pc which uses it a lot, and i guess ures does, i fragmenbts ure hardrive in no time, so i have given it its on partition to fragment to its heart content, without ruining the rest of the hardrive.

  Ballie 21:43 20 Jan 2005

My hard drive is 120gb with about 90gb free so I am not short of space it also has 8mb of cache, however I still have a lot to learn about all this, when I built my pc I only installed 1 partion, what is gained be having more partions and is it to late for me to create another partion now I have istalled my o/s

  inneedofhelp 00:18 21 Jan 2005

If your only have one partition, that mean that all your data is stored on one drive.Windows, games, programs,files, everything! Now consider what happens if one of the millions of files gets damaged, then all sort of wierd things might happen eg slow system, hardware not working etc. Also your page file is also in their messing things up.Everytime ure pc uses the page file(pretend ram)it needs to write something to ure harddrive to remenber it.then it gets rid of it once its finsished with yet. this is called 'frgmenting' eg what was once a 'clean, formatted' hardrive now has fragments everywhere. picture this. in an ideal world, your hardrive would have windows,then all its updates, then all your programs, then all your files lumped together all next to each other. this means that when the hardrive reads your disk, it hasnt got far to travel cos its all next to each other.however, in real life, this never happens. things get deleted, things get moved, modified etc.this all creates wee gaps in between programs, files. now your hardrive reader head has to move all over the place to find the info it needs. this uses up time and resources. SO, to try and limit this, what I have done is partition my hardrive into 4 seperate drives. My first drive is 10gigs, and the only thing that goes in there is windows and all its updates.thats it. then i have a second drive, 1gig, for my page file, or windows calls it virtual memory.thats it, nothing else goes i there. I then have a third partition for all my programs and games. finaly i have a fourth for flightsim.This means that the drive windows is on should stay relativly fragment free. also becuase all the programs are on a different partition, should i download something nasty, it should stay on that drive long enough for my anti virus/spyware programs to pick it up. then once a week, i run windows defragmentor on each drive to clean them all up.

  User-312386 08:51 21 Jan 2005

with 1280mb RAM i would not touch the pagefile at all.

I have a 1gb (1024mb) ram and this is more than enough

You have a massive amount of ram and therefore i would not even touch the pagefile

  Ballie 10:20 21 Jan 2005

Thank you very much for taking the time to do a detailed post I think I understand it all now but is it to late for me to create more partitions? can I do this from within windows or do I have to re-install and create partitions at the set up stage.

  inneedofhelp 17:50 21 Jan 2005

rea this re partitions
click here

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