"Page cannot be found "on start up-why??

  wots it all about 12:52 02 Jun 2005

when the pc boots up and gets to the desktop, it displays a "page cannot be found" window, as if it has tried to connect to the internet. As it is not a cable connection (ie it is a dialup usb adsl modem) there is obviously no immediate connection when it is booted. Does anyone know why this has started to happen and how to get rid of it? The pc had a lot of virus and spyware probs which I think are now sorted, but I dont know how to sort this out. Any help please?

  Graham ® 13:27 02 Jun 2005

Any clue in the URL it is trying to connect to? There must be something in the Startup folder that shouldn't be there.

  Graham ® 13:30 02 Jun 2005

This is how to add a program. To remove one, delete it:

Right-click the Start button, and then click Properties.

On the Start Menu tab, click Classic Start menu, and then click Customize. This changes the style of the Start menu.

Click Advanced.

In the Start Menu folder, find the shortcut to the program you want to start each time you start Windows, and drag it to the Startup folder located in the Programs folder.

  DieSse 13:35 02 Jun 2005

Clearly Internet Explorer is staring up automatically at boot-up - and as you are not connected to the internet, therefore you get a "page not found"

Now you have to stop IE starting at boot-up.

First look at Start - Progrmas - Start Up and see what programs are set to start. You may see the answer there, if so delete it.

Then try - Start - Run - type in msconfig and press enter. his will also give a different list of what's set to start up - see if the answer is in there.

Remember, what you're looking for is some evidence of Internet Explorer beng set to start up.

  wots it all about 14:26 02 Jun 2005

Thank you both kindly for that info! The window doesnt come up now! But...I think I was a bit too drastic in deleting as IE has disappeared from the desktop completely, and from the prog list- shall I reinstall it? I am using BTYahoo browser at the mo, but do still use IE occasionally.

  wots it all about 14:34 02 Jun 2005

ok. found it! Have put a short cut on the desktop, thanks guys you are stars as usual.

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