"page cannot be displayed nightmare"

  mammak 22:36 05 Mar 2006

Give a day for three weeks I have had this nightmare could not get on to PCA or most of my every day websites (small home network that includes one xp home pc updated sp2 , xp pro pc sp1 (I update critical updates manually ) and laptop xp home sp2 fully updated) , in order to access this site I must go to tools> internet options >security> and set it to medium low (what is the point in that ?) not very secure eh! I am really peeved with all this I thought the point was to secure your pcs not leave them open to attack. “James Blunt Out of my mind”. Had my say of to bed before I through the lot out the window.
PS. IE 6 sp2

  mammak 23:10 05 Mar 2006

going going gone

  remind 00:30 06 Mar 2006

all the machines or just one of them? what make/model router, what isp are you with?

  007al 01:00 06 Mar 2006

Medium low is the default setting.It should work fine if your AV and Firewall are up to date.Your router may have its own firewall too.Theyre only vulnerable and open to attack if they have no Anti Virus and firewall protection.Its best to use programs for anti spyware and adware too,but i wouldnt worry about having your Privacy set to high,as having no use of cookies will impair your internet browsing,as you`ve found

  mammak 21:44 06 Mar 2006

remind hi firstly sorry it took so long to respond to you, all machines it happens with I am with BT broadband and use a cable and wireless router sorry not sure of the model all was working well till three weeks ago however I am back on for now, what I have to do on each machine is reset the security to medium/low,clear internet cache ect each time I powerup bit of a pain but is working for now.

007al hi to you also again sorry for my delay in responding (busy student)all machines have up to date anti-virus,firewalls as does the router I run updated on all spybot,ad-ware,spyware blaster all the apps have found is a couple of tracking cookies nothing much at all, so I am thinking it might be a firewall issue but not sure? however my above procedures are getting me on to PCA ect but it would be good to know why it has happend in the first place. thanks again to you both for your help Mammak

  mammak 22:20 06 Mar 2006

and up

  mammak 22:20 06 Mar 2006

and up

  remind 22:29 06 Mar 2006

not an easy problem to diagnose mammak, if it's all three machines it points to your router, but if you take the same steps on each machine and it solves the problem that almost entirely rules the router out (or should do). is the router ever switched off at the mains? my wired netgear router occasionally goes a bit bonkers and needs resetting

  remind 22:37 06 Mar 2006

nex time you encounter a problem on any of the machines and before you clear the cache or reset anything, go to start/run, type cmd <enter>, type `ipconfig /all` and see if the machine you are using has been allocated an IP address by the router (usually starting 192.168.0.x but not always) - if so that means the router is working fine and eliminates one possibility

  mammak 22:42 06 Mar 2006

Hi again remind
nope the router is never switched off only once rebooted it whiles online but it was not switched off? thanks again for your response will keep you updated but I am an early bird so go to bed about now lol so might not get back till 2morrow evening thats if I can get on lol not that it is at all funny, Mammak.

  mammak 22:50 06 Mar 2006

remind done that more than once came up with my Ip for each being, my router being so it dont look at this point being a router problem.thanks again for your help.

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