'Page cannot be displayed' in IE.

  bazza2 13:05 21 Jul 2006

A friend has been getting the above message whenever he tries to use IE.
It happens for all sites.

Apparently he is able to use outlook express to send and receive e-mails, so his ISP connection works.

I had a look on Google recently and advised him to 'Delete Cookies', 'Delete Files' and 'Clear History' in Internet Options, but this does not seem to have fixed the problem.

Any other suggestions?

  techy gal 13:18 21 Jul 2006

I'd be interested to hear what is said about this too - if you don't mind me hijacking your thread bazza2?
I have been trying to resolve a similar situation with my mother's PC. I have done all the stuff recommended - deleting cookies, clearing history, defaulting Internet Options, amending internet options - no joy

  sbur 13:19 21 Jul 2006

You can see if the machine can see the internet by going to Start, run, Type CMD. A black box will appear type Ping click here. If you have a connection to the internet you will get a responce if there is a problem on the line you will get request timed out. Also have you tried to restart the router. Also checked with your isp if there is any problems with the line.
Hope that this helps

  bazza2 13:33 21 Jul 2006

however, as I said, he is still able to use Outlook Express, which suggests that he has an internet connection, and can see the outside world.

  grangehearts 13:45 21 Jul 2006

I got that occasionally in IE7 beta 2 but haven't had it since moving up to beta 3

  bazza2 14:09 21 Jul 2006

Unfortunately I don't know his IE version yet.
I have e-mailed him (fortunately OE still works) and asked him for his version.
I'll let you know when I find out.

  skidzy 15:54 21 Jul 2006

Maybe tring an IE repair will help click here

  rodriguez 16:02 21 Jul 2006

I had this problem the other day and I'm on BT broadband. MSN, BitLord and any other programs that didn't use port 80 would connect but all web traffic such as web pages wouldn't come through. I had a fiddle and discovered that I had a strange IP address - it started with 217 instead of 86 like it normally does. Refused to load any web pages or change IP address until the next day when it gave me an 86 number and worked again.

  bazza2 22:53 25 Jul 2006

I have just found out that he is using IE version 6.
Apparently 'Help About' states :

I have downloaded IEFIX, so I will get him to try that (although it doesn't exactly mention this error).
I don't believe he has the XP install CD though, so hopefully he will be able to cancel out at that point.

I have seen on other threads people mentioning sfc, would this help ???

  skidzy 19:00 26 Jul 2006

How to use sfc /scannow click here

  bazza2 13:16 31 Jul 2006

... I have printed it for future reference.

Hopefully I will be able to have a look at the PC this week.
I have therefore had a think about how I am going to tackle this problem, and was hoping you guys might cast an eye over my plan to see if it is any good.

1) Try running the IEFIX utility.
Although this doesn't mention fixing this problem, I thought it would be worth a try.

2) If the above doesn't work try sfc /scannow.

(I don't know if he has the XP install CD, will this matter?)

3) If none of the above work try re-installing IE6.
I have downloaded the latest version from Microsoft.
Will I need to uninstall IE6 first (using Add/remove programs)?

4) If I still have no luck, install Firefox, and see if that can see any web sites.

Phew! I'm exhausted now.

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