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  loftroom27 15:44 05 Mar 2005

Hi..I am trying to view the Classic FM video stream and cannot get past the "This page cannot be displayed" page, which has the URL.Ihave no problems with any other part of the Classic FM website and can access all other types of streaming Video elsewhere. I use a 1.1Mbps Broadband connection with XP Service Pack 2. I have noticed that the web pages I visit often have parts of the afforementiond page displayed and they appear to relate to Ads or Banners, and Mostly, when you look at properties, from I have tried, at some risk, disabling my security settings and pop-up blockers, I have Zone Alarm,Norton,and all the usual spy/ad blockers, with no result at all. I have tried adding and deleting Doublick from cookies and trusted sites but nothing seems to work.I wonder if I have too much security, although I don't think you can, but I do not get any pop-ups or other irritants when browsing far, touch PC has remained clean.
If anyone has any ideas I'd be grateful. Thanks

  octal 16:40 05 Mar 2005

Is this the site?:

click here

If you are clicking on the link that says Classic FM TV then you are not alone, I'm using Opera and when I click on it nothing happens. My guess is the link on their site is broken.

  961 16:58 05 Mar 2005

It works for me. Seems to use windows media player and I do get a pop up from Zone Alarm (pro)saying that wmp logagent is trying to access the internet.

I've got all the usual things you describe with the exception of Norton, so perhaps that's the place to start?

  octal 17:24 05 Mar 2005

OK, ignore my first post, their site is working perfectly.

My problem was I had entered into my hosts file which blocks that site.

Check in your hosts file, in XP its located in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts open it in a text editor and see if you have any entries below localhost

If there is a entry for put a # before the entry and save hosts, this won't delete it but it will be ignored.

  loftroom27 20:27 05 Mar 2005

Thanks Octal...I was hopeful that you had solved my problem, but no luck. Went through 124 pages of hosts in "Word", and put a # in front of everything that said "Doubleclick" just to be sure. This is an area that I did not even know existed..WOW. I am with Wanadoo, and even the banner at the top of the home page [which cannot be displayed] is from "Doubleclick".This is a very minor thing to get all worked up about, but when all around seem to get stuff you cant it irritates and makes you wonder what the cause could be.Thanks for responding.
So... does Anybody have any other ideas please.
From what i have read on the Web "Doubleclick" has been giving people grief for many years.

  octal 20:45 05 Mar 2005

OK, you've found the hosts file and it sounds like you've got a lot of entries in there. You've probably noticed that file is called hosts without an extension, try renaming it to hosts.old this will effectively switch it off and see if you can access the site again.

  loftroom27 21:08 05 Mar 2005

OCTAL....You are brilliant.XXXX.
It worked, Do I now leave the file as it is [Renamed], I'm getting Banners where they should appear now, which does'nt worry me at all, and I got into the Classic FM site Immediatly.
Please advise on anything further I should now do. Incidentally you are talking to a 71 year old bloke who only got into this stuff a couple of years ago, and i'm just gobsmacked at what I have learned from people like you.
Many thanks, Look forward to your reply.

  octal 21:41 05 Mar 2005

You can leave it renamed, or can make use of the hosts file to block sites or advertising banners that get on your nerves. You can delete all the entries apart from the one called localhost that one must be left alone because that's the address of your computer, or if you want to keep the entries you can add the # to the start of the entry like # this will switch the entry off, but can be switched on again later if needed.

Have a look at the format of the entries to see how to add them if you want to.

Now you know what to do, I think I would advise switching the hosts file back on because sometimes it is used by some applications, like for instance if you are collecting your emails via the localhost which some applications do.

  Wak 10:44 06 Mar 2005

I don't know if this is of any relevance to this problem but if you have Spywareblaster installed then this program blocks the installation of some cookies from Doubleclick.
I think that some web sites won't install or run properly if their Cookie is not allowed.
I could be wrong but at least it gives you something else to have a look at.

  loftroom27 17:32 06 Mar 2005

Thanks to Octal and Wak.....Before I renamed the hosts file I went throgh it again and checked that i had put a # against all Doubleclick entries, I found a couple i had missed. I then renamed the file as you suggested, and as you know it all worked. I have followed your advice on going back to the original "Hosts" name, and Lo and Behold, everything still works fine. Im not going to tinker with it any further, as I mentioned there were 124 Pages, each containing about at least 50 entries, which would take forever to edit with #.There are some pretty nasty looking things among these entries, I noticed stuff like Offshore Dialler,and several mentions of Hacker, and lots of Adult things which I dont indulge in and i'm suprised to see there as I imagined all the security applications would have blocked, but then I did'nt have as much security in my first year of computer usage as I have now and this stuff is not dated so it could have been in there for ages. Thanks for all the help. I'm very grateful.

  octal 17:41 06 Mar 2005

You're more than welcome, I'm just curious were all those entries came from, still, you know were to look when you have a problem in the future.

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