Page background in NOF9 v WP9

  Simsy 20:24 15 May 2007


I have Serif WebPlus 9, (purchased), which I'm coming to terms with, and I'm also trying NOF9, (from a cover disc), as NOF seems to be highly thought of. I'm afraid I'm not finding it all all intuitive!.

The site I'm working on is a very much a learning exercise...

The site will have about 7 pages. What I'm trying to do is have all 7 pages have the same underlying background...

In WebPlus this is very easy... In WebPlus you have a "Master" page, which is like an underlying template for every page. If you want the same background on all pages you just put the background on the master page.

Now I realise I'm in danger of expecting NOF to work the same way as WP, but can the same principle be applied in NOF? That is if I have 7 pages and want them all to have the same background can I just apply it in one place, or have I got to apply it to each page individually?

And, on the assumption that this may be answered by an NOF user, I'll chance another NOF question...

if I delete the "Master Border", how to I add/apply a "Master Border" again if I decide I do want one?

Thanks in anticpation,


Simsy 23:08 15 May 2007

in a NOF site will automatically have the same background and layout by default.

You cannot delete a master border, but you can select 'Zero margins' on the layout. This will disable the master border.

Good luck, Whiz.....

  Simsy 05:15 16 May 2007

That doesn't seem to be the case... I've put a small background picture on the first page, and it isn't appearing on any of the others?

Regarding the master border... I do seem to have deleted it... If I haven't, and I have just somehow reduced the margins to zero, I can't access a dialogue to increase them again.

Or am I misunderstanding something?

Many thanks,


Simsy 00:56 17 May 2007

by going to 'Style', untick the read only box and add your background in the relevent place.

The master borders can be resized either with the sliders at the top and sides, or in the properties pallette by clicking anywhere outside the layout area.

  Simsy 11:00 17 May 2007

I'm across the style thing now... still to get to grips with the master border.




  Simsy 23:31 17 May 2007

as well as reducing the margins to "0", I'd also unticked "Master Borders" in the "View" menu!!

Thanks for your help.



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