The pad of a laptop not responding. How to fix it, please?

  GloriaM 04:22 09 Jun 2014

When turn on the laptop and I enter the password, the computer starts & displays everything properly but the cursor doesn’t move when I to use the pad.

The cursor is just frozen, doesn’t respond to the pad, so I can’t operate the laptop.

When I plug in a mouse in the USB slot the laptop works OK.

I did try to find some solution in controls panels but had no success - I’m not a techie at all and avoid to tinker with the laptop - a bit afraid to accidentally cause some big damage.

The question is how to make the pad function again?

Any step-by-step advise how to fix the problem by a knowledgeable computer user well be much appreciated.

The laptop is Toshiba Pavilion with Windows 8 installed.

Thanks in advance for your help!

  mole1944 06:14 09 Jun 2014

Above the pad is a small on/off button if it's on a light will show.

  BT 08:11 10 Jun 2014

Lazarus The 2nd

The info in your link is clearly detailed in the instructions that came with my HP laptop. Double tap the pad to turn it on/off. Could be the pad is turned off by default if the USB mouse works OK. I don't like pads so I always use a small wireless mouse and have set the pad to off via the mouse properties so that I don't have to turn it off every time I switch on.

  alanrwood 09:03 10 Jun 2014


Mine is the same. The pad is automatically disabled unless I unplug the usb mouse.

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