Packard bell wont boot FLASHING AMBER POWER LED

  samfdn 02:11 18 May 2009

Hey, recently my mums work gave her a pc. A Packard bell utow - c02. When everything is plugged and the computer is turned on, the power light flashes amber. Also a red light is illuminated over the top of the power button. Everything i can see is connected properly.
After reading arround on the internet i've discovered that this could be the PSU.
The processor that was in the pc was... Broken. Lol, so i replaced it with a random, working Pentium 4 CPU i had hanging arround in a top drawer. Hard drive is functioning properly and so is the CD/DVD drive. I'm completely unsure about the ram as i have no other machine to check it on. There is three spaces where wires could have came from but are no longer there, but i am not sure.
If anyone can be of any assistance it would be very much appriciated! thankyou x

  robin_x 02:36 18 May 2009

For memory check click here

If you messed up your PSU wires Google some more or go to the local computer shop.

Are you an insomniac too? :-)

  crosstrainer 05:29 18 May 2009

We are not alone you know! On thread, the CPU was changed, have you checked the BIOS settings?

Usually by tapping the DEL key on boot up, although some PB machines differ)

  samfdn 23:31 18 May 2009

Ja, insomniac too!

Urm... The pc doesn't even boot at all. When i press power button the screen stays off and doesn't seem as though anythings happening. Can't really check the bios :(

  ashleycardwell94 00:38 19 May 2009

If the graphics aint working it could be the motherboard.
Usually on ram sticks there is a load of numbers - at the end it should say - NOT WITH ANY MEANS OF NOTIFYING YOU E.G.243948/256
Here you can see that it says 256 at the end, this usualy is the size of the ram.
there is,
512,Half a GB
1024 / 1 and so on!

  robin_x 05:21 19 May 2009

Not sure if its graphics card but maybe worth checking anyway.
Boot options are on ESC, F10 and F12.
But hell I have checked the lot.
That's BIOS and Safe Mode and whatever.

Did you make recovery CDs? Boot from those. Or a Windows disc.

Or you may have a hardware failure. Or a virus.
If you see a "Last known good configuration" option go for it.

  woodchip 23:04 21 May 2009

You cannot just stick a CPU in a Motherboard, unless the Motherboard will support it

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