Packard Bell Recovery from DVD failure

  waynecollins 13:05 06 Sep 2011

I have tried to reinstall XP SP2 from a recovery disc on my Packard Bell 1507 desktop PC. The system booted from the disk and gave me the option to select full reinstall. After doing a quick format of the C-drive and then loading a number of files, I get a red screen with an error message: "An error has been detected during image installation". Other data about the image name, path etc are shown and then at the bottom of the screen "File not found". This has happened on several attempts. I have used a Packard Bell supplied tool to check the "Master Recovery disc" but this showed no error. I phoned Packard Bell support but was told I needed a new recovery disk for £51 !! I have not used my copy before but created it when the system was new and with no errors at the time of creation. My c-drive is now formatted and I can go no further. Anybody know how I can recover this without having to pay Packard bell ?

  onthelimit1 13:11 06 Sep 2011

If all else fails, you could reinstall XP from a borrowed CD (or, if not possible, they are cheap on ebay). The only problem would be finding the correct drivers, but there are free programmes (I use Slimdrivers) that will help.

  robin_x 13:27 06 Sep 2011

I used to get similar problems from an original XP Retail disc.

I made two clones of it.

When XP re-installs failed, I was given an Abort/Retry/Fail choice. I would pop one of the other copies in and continue.

Try making another copy anyway. (Good practice is multiple copies of important stuff like this)

Imgburn is a good program for copying optical discs.

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