Packard Bell PC & XP

  Skyver 12:12 09 Dec 2005

I've been asked to replace the mobo/CPU in a two year old Packard Bell PC with a recovery partition on the hard-drive (ie. no XP disc) - does anyone know if the version of XP on these recovery partitions is the same as installing Windows from a CD, ie will it recognise and adapt to new hardware, or is it likely to be an image of an installation on the current hardware?

  Skills 12:17 09 Dec 2005

I would think its more likely to be an image of the current setup and would think you'll probably need to get an xp disk as well.

If you can see there license code on a sticker on the box and you have an OEM copy of XP then you should be able to reinstall using your disk and there license code.

  Skyver 13:10 09 Dec 2005

Thanks Skills - it seems I may also have to factor in the possibility that XP may be locked to the hardware (SLP), `you can replace any part except the motherboard` according to the Packard Bell site. There is a COA sticker on the case, I may try sticking a spare HD in there and see if it accepts the code as you suggest.

  woodchip 13:27 09 Dec 2005

You will be up the creak without a paddle, if you do not have a full XP disc as the restore will not work with New Motherboard

  driving man 13:39 09 Dec 2005

Did not the owner set up the 3 recovery discs that P/Bell needs

  Mytob 14:14 09 Dec 2005

yer if you are trying to upgrade your mobo with the same windows os it wont work. windows aparantly works on a points system so for every item you change ie a lan card a grafics card and cd rom drive ect it clocks it and when you get a ceratin number of points it will shreek at you demanding you by another copy of windoz as it is demed as a new pc. changing the mobo will have this affect imediatly. you can still use your xp disc and coa you just have to reinstall from the disk again and its none the wiser.

  Skyver 15:38 09 Dec 2005

Thanks for your responses; no recovery disks set up at all. At the end of the day the owner is really only concerned about some work they have on the machine, if repairing is uneconomic they'll probably just buy a Dell box and keep the old HD in a caddy.

  Skyver 23:14 09 Dec 2005


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