Packard Bell & Memory upgrade help using Crucial

  Giggle n' Bits 23:50 03 Feb 2003


Trying to use the Crucial site to find my friends Packard & Bells memory options to upgrade.
The manual with picture match says its a MediaMaster motherboard layout.

PBell book says it can take up to 2 x 128MB but usingthe crucial site it only lists a media Trainer which only shows 2x 32 sticks Max.

Even the Pbell site doesn't show where you can get downloads if needed nor memory info.

Can anyone help or is this one of them computers which are not possible to upgrade.

  jazzypop 00:21 04 Feb 2003

If you have conflicting advice, phone Crucial. Basically, if they recommend memory and it is wrong, they exchange / refund, with no quibbling.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:27 04 Feb 2003

Damm OEM boxes. I will call Crucial guys first thing, well later today seing its 0023am.

Thanks Jazzypop, would have thought there is someone out there with a MediaMaster Packard Bell ID for there motherboard.

Still trying to identify the computer by looking at click here

Its a CDROM and a single Floppy in front case with floppy in lower section and a fully moulded beveled section inbetween CDROM to floppy.
Case is called SPHERIS from sticker underneath.

  michelleuk 00:28 04 Feb 2003


I have a packard bell computer - pulsar 300 and I purchased memory from cruicial!

What Packard Bell computer does your friend have? As most PB computer have an electronic library. If your friend has this they can click on that choose hardware and then specifications. It will show the memory details mine is below

Supports 3.3v SDRAM DIMM. Supports two memory banks using two 168-pin unbuffered DIMMs. Supports up to 256MB of system memory (both PC100 or PC66 DIMM specifications can be used, but make sure to use 100 MHz DIMMs if your motherboard is equipped with a CPU with a 100MHz bus speed).

When I contacted crucial I purchase 2 128mb 168pin DIMM 16Mx64 SDRAM PC100. It was unclear how much memory I could have, PB said max 256, and yet some PB sites said different. Cruicial did say 512, but suggested I buy 2 128mb in case there were problems. When I took it to the computer store to have them fitted, they believed it can handle 512, so if I need to I may upgrade again but 256 is ok at the moment.

I was told that the important element was to ensure that whatever size memory I bought I had to buy SDRAM PC100, and 168pin DIMM. I hope this helps.

Take Care

  jazzypop 00:30 04 Feb 2003

You could always try running Advisor from click here (got the link in!).

This should identify the motherboard, which is the important part. However, Packard Bell certainly used to use their own in-house specification for mobos, so punch whatever Advisor says into Google (especially Google Groups) for confirmation.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:38 04 Feb 2003

See you have been reading up on the tech stuff!.

You imput is a interesting read and very detailed. Think I need some Brelaxed treatment!.
this book manual of my frineds doesn't seem to tie up with the actual machine. It relates to un-buffered memory and actually un-buttered ?

Things look like they would melt in PBs hands.
Sorry if no one undertood that joke.

Thank you again for your feedback Michelle.
Will contact Crucial tomorrow.

Take care

Best Wishes

Logistic Man.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:39 04 Feb 2003

Cheers again all and Jazzypop.

Logistic Man.

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